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See, the weather Channel says partly sunny, hot, humid today Chance Good afternoon thunderstorm or 2 79 right now in Middle River on our way to 96 Today, it's 75 in Pasadena at 7 23. We're talking about Fauci and company. Hinting that the vaccine mandates are coming. One safety approval is granted. The question is, can there be full approval? Unless we are fully informed of all because of the M RNA? We don't know what the long term effects are. Of these vaccines. So how can you approve something when you don't know what the long term effects are? That would I think be disastrous and would be problematic. But newly surfaced emails are showing connections among The U. S Health Agency, the N I. A I D That's vouches Group, the Eco Health Alliance, Dr Peter, Dad, Jacques and the chai com Scientists, which are basically Each icon, Military judicial watch. Congress can't do its job, but judicial watch is on the hunt. They attained over 301 pages of emails under a FOIA request. And listen to this. N I. A. I'd gave at least nine grants to Echo Health Alliance and help try comes of fund and find unknown viruses and infectious diseases in nature specifically, In China. In addition to that, after initially saying there was no grant money at all that went into the Wuhan lab. Now we have found 99 different grants into the Echo Health alliance into the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and what's worse is They were also asking for they needed disinfectant. They need a disinfectant at incredible levels because this was supposed to be a biosafety level four lab And we use these are these are dangerous viruses and diseases that can escape. That's the reason why you need a a proper amount of disinfectant. They didn't have it. They didn't have it at this lab. They were asking for more money and more disinfected to be given to this lamp. So they were working on highly infectious and contagious viruses and diseases without the proper amount of disinfectant and felt she knew it. When is this guy going to be fired? When is it going to be charged? Where is he going to be held accountable instead of telling us? Oh, this is, uh, mandates are coming. The vaccine mandates are coming Where Mass. Don't worry mask That could be a big deal. It is going to be a big deal. And etcetera. I got to tell you this guy has been elevated to a national hero when he should be a goat, and I don't mean greatest of all time. Chris, I know you have something to say on that. I just I don't know an artist start with algae. But first of all, is that how laws work? You're supposed to do them and obey them before every I is dotted and every T is crossed, So I don't even know how legally he can say that and nobody calls him on it. To talk about who's playing politics. So last time I counted the West Tennessee 6985 deaths in the US alone from All the vaccines and 34,065 serious injuries, including strokes, heart attacks and miscarriages. So who is holding back Vax here who is not Following the science, so that's disgusting. And again. I don't see how they're not going to be legally held to this at some point, when there were as low risk as low risk as low risk. It's more reverse to get covid. I'm not so sure of that for certain ages and health situation office. Certain ages at the risk is very low for younger people. They shouldn't get the vaccine at all. I mean, Children should not be vaccinated. People under you know 30 40 should not be vaccinated, lost. They have underlying conditions, which and that should be up to their decision. But you're right. Give us all the stats. Not just the number of people that have died from Covid give us the number of people that have died or been seriously injured from the vaccines and let us they determine that and yes, the overall risk is lower. And it may be lower than than the risk from Covid. I don't know that about to be studied, but just give us all the information. All the data will make up our own minds. And since they're not, I wanted to give to suggestions of websites that have been really great about highlighting people's stories and specific injuries, and they back it up. One. You mentioned Sidney Powell, her website defending the republic dot org. I think we're both on the mailing list. But she sends out a lot of facts, but shows where you can go online and get it bears or wherever she gets it also, and I know this is one that would normally not be something we would recommend. But Robert Kennedy Jr has been great on this issue. I'm not saying this is something we would agree with him and everything. He's not anti vax, but he is Anti Big pharma and being skeptical of them, pushing this. His website called the Children's Health defense. But he also has a mailing lists, and they highlight a lot of these stories since we're not getting it anywhere else, And it's hard to find your moment include America's frontline doctors in there as well. Dr Simone Gold who's been at the forefront. Look, I just We want all the information to get out there, and I make sure by the way, the CDC is now recommending schools opened fully immediately. Saying vaccinated teachers and students do not need masks. So that is from the CDC on Friday, so that is something that is brand new and again. So look the Delta variant, and that's That's the latest thing the media is breathlessly reporting. The Delta Varian is running rampant and wild. Causing most of these cases now, But the delta vary. It is again. Yeah, it's highly transmissible, but it's less lethal. It is less serious and it is, you know again, then the original cause Every with every mutation. You do lose a little bit of its own. If the virus it weakens somewhat now, In some cases, it will depends on the mutation. It can strengthen but In most cases, it does weekend. I think that's what's happened here. All right, so we'll get your calls and comments on that. 4 10 wcbm 6 80. Thanks Kristen 100 Wcbm 6 80. You can email us am 6 80 at wcbm dot com You can text into the show using the wcbm free app and coming up next we have a name. Of allegedly the man that shot and killed Actually, Babbitt.

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