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He came from Michigan in here to California, seventy six you went to Cal State Fullerton de took some dance classes, you took psychology yet joined the Mitzi. Troupe. And boom, you're big star. In Hollywood, what happened between Mitzi gainer and getting on your first big and the groundlings for special that I was studying for a long time. And then when I was at the groundlings, I got my first job which was on the mask with Jim Carey. Oh, and and you know, once I got a job, I was able to figure out how to get an agent and. Yeah, you know, and just things started kind of happening bit by bit. And I've just the thing that I'm grateful for us to longevity because a lot of times people come and go really quickly. Yeah. And do you think you've been around for so long? What's your secret? I don't know. I just think that animus I wish I could say that. I I it makes me wanna try to. I've never had one for the Riley. No, I love coffee. I love coffee in any form. I love coffee ice cream. I love all coffee. I I haven't had a coffee. You know, I've had animus I've I go for high kalanick's from time to time. Maybe I should have him. So spike, my Kalanick coffee when and see what the big fuss is. Yeah. And then you can decide whether or not you like it. Yeah. I'm like you're curious about I'm very curious about. I'm sure I love it. I'm afraid I might get addicted like those people on my secret life. Did you ever see that? They talked a show about addictions too young toilet paper. Yes. And weird thing. I didn't see that episode. But everybody brings that episode up to me, I have a friend, and we watched a lot of those episodes together. Did you see the coffee in a win? No. Will you sell the? Toilet paper one. I've seen a lot of them. Are you a dick did do you have a strange addiction? I used to smoke, but I quit. How long did you smoke? Once. I was in the groundlings we all used to of smoke backstage. And then and then I did it a long a lot longer after and then in a from many years, and then I just stopped its brand. Did you smoke American spirit American spirit that healthy sicker? Yeah. It's try to do the best you can't socially conscious cigarettes. But okay. But the the thing you've been around for a long time, and you've seen people come and go and you've seen people who. Friends who it just never have. Right for him, really talent to very talented. What how do you negotiate that relationship? And what do you think they're the issue really was with them? Well, it's one is different. I don't know. I mean, I remember I remember for the longest time when we were in the groundlings, you know, my friend, Jennifer Coolidge who in the groundlings with. You know, it was hard. She would she wasn't working. And none of us..

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