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Hail. No, I in house, Brian. Everybody who Senator before you go since you, a Representative from queens. Do you want to see the Amazon deal scrapped a some queens lawmakers? Do look I'd love to see twenty-five thousand great paying jobs and highly skilled jobs for New Yorkers. But why do we have to spend three billion dollars on it? I mean, we can spend three billion dollars on so many other things and the reality is, you know, I think they would come anyway. Is it a done deal? I don't think it's a done deal. Does the state legislature have any power over it? Absolutely. I think you can ask our deputy leader Mitch. And and I think he's got many state senators who understand the real issues there? I certainly do he represented Long Island city. Yes, it would be in his district. And so, you know, I don't think it's a done deal by any stretch. There's a Bill Santa Cruz something there's not a well. There's a couple of bills might generis has called for Bill to have full transparency of any of these deals, but the question is would that be retroactive the kinds of the kinds of role. We can play the governor's proposal changes a tax credit for Amazon the legislature needs to approve changes in tax credits. The governor cannot do that on his own. There's something called the public authorities control board when money's go through that the land use. Control that was built into the Amazon deal where you skip New York City having any say the public public. Authorities control board has three voters the majority leader of the Senate speaker of the assembly the governor it has to be all three. Yes, it has to be unanimous. So it's not so easy to get the unanimous when something's very controversial. So there's a number of bites at the apple that Albany has so to speak, please. Thank state Senator, John Lou from queens and state Senator..

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