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And so the uk laws are different if if somebody has information on you you can send them a ladder send them an email and demand the bay send you everything they know about you which is really odd it seems like also and that's probably one of the things is miss breaking cambridge i'm sure people read this guy did this and they were all demanding it to one of those rings of stuff because their computers their bots are going in and finding out everything about you know you posted what you had for dinner you posted hiding in a closet at at this you know the mall you know i mean so we know you shop at whatever store you were in i mean they every they take all that and they assemble a profile so they know that's where you are and and that's no way they they they know what you like so this guy he's posting all this of course he's a liberal professor from some boston university so advocate remember the day was from and he says but once they once they followed me into the boating voting booth it was too much so if you wanna try to fool them you can fool them by posting different stuff but it all boils down to this they're not gonna come by with a were they nondescript van in the middle of the night and hall you way because you are bashing trump they're trying to target you with advertising and i've always appreciated that i told you when i was trying to find the why still get this stuff now when i was trying to find a new car was looking all over everywhere and i decided on what kind of car i wanted and so now all the ends it show up from me or your for that car and i'm gonna saves me time anytime there's a new car that comes on the market that's car boom it hits my email if i'm on facebook and show up if i'm on drudge report the ad show up for that is drudge spying on me how does drudge know what kind of car i want because they all do it but unfortunately for cambridge analytica they couldn't have been this they were using the same information to.

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