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Meanwhile, buffalo going with Matt Barkley at quarterback benching Nathan Peterman giants have the forty Niners Monday night is to continue to look for the right combination on the offensive line with more. We get the supports Marlin Paul Dottino. The expected insertion of former Rams right guard Shimon Brown into the starting lineup would give the giants four different offensive line combination and nine games can be part of the long term solution there. There's definitely opportunity at the end of the day. I'm gonna tell you. Today at a time. Can control which was his being in the narrow megastar Sharon, picking up or everything. Our and and learning the giants way. Leno that take care of herself. Browns made thirty starts over three and a half NFL seasons. One of the big blue also released guard Patrico, mommy. Elsewhere lady on Belle, reportedly will not report to the Steelers this week making him ineligible for the remainder of the season hockey, Rangers outlast, the blue jackets five four and a shootout food a lot of good things early in the one area where I think we absolutely have to tell you things up as a decent coverage which has been pretty good for the most part the first part of the first part of the season. But I think we've gotten a little bit loose in our own end do a little bit better job defensively. David Quinn MSG. They won five of six Jimmy VC the game tying goal in the second. Then the winner in the shootout Panthers. They double the islanders four to Brock Nelson. Matt bars, Barzel tallies. The college hoops Syracuse said no problems at morehead state. Eighty four seventy Villanova trounce Quinnipiac eighty six fifty three UMass Lowell outlasted Wagner, eighty eight eighty four and overtime. Mayors down Columbia, eighty to seventy six Fairfield abandoned, Bucknell sixty to fifty eight in Houston Baptist escape Fordham, seventy five seventy two thirty five degrees under cloudy skies in central park. That's happening. I'm Marco balletti with twenty twenty sports on WFAN sports radio one zero nine FM sports radio sixty six your flagship station for New York sports. Let's do anytime anywhere. Download the radio dot com app and why they're forcing to.

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