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So with our new wifi smart devices that'll be available a little bit later in twenty twenty you can get there very easily everyone nowadays has why find their home a lot of people are already using at an Amazon Alexa so you'll just have to download the Amazon Alexa act and then install your devices like you would any non connected to it so is the lexicon around our house so X. is gonna run our lives I mean nothing's going to happen right we we all said Hey that folks are going to control me I know roses yeah but it also makes our lives easier and think about when you know you go away on vacation and holders that yeah there's also years great benefits to it Tonya my benefits on we have quick Centeno locks their wifi yeah yep if if your kids for gets you know close the door when they were the money in that you know maybe yeah there's there's so many applications you know it's it's it's it's like the cars that you know you used to have to use keys Honda because I walk up to my card it opens and I get in and drive yeah I think I'd buy a car with the key you know yeah No Way so same thing with your life now you can just ask Alexa turn your lights on Alexa Demir lights fifty percent turn a mall loss and then we also have our Alexa built in dimmer so hold on before you get there okay so you got the legs by Alexa yes okay that's that's step one well you don't have to if you want voice control you bind Alexa yeah would resemble I love it okay so I think Alexa list of my red it's like penetrate in like twenty four.

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