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That's right. And I took off my shirt and I stood with my kilt on Lee. My killed my son said, You know what, Dad, I'll do you one better. He got his shirt flexed a few muscles. It is a nice father, son. Moment. By the way, At first my wife goes. Oh, my God. This could be the dumbest shot ever say one of her favorite shots. Really? Yeah. Me and call it. I'm sitting there in the killed. We both get our shirts off. I looked pretty decent to whether it's a lighting or not, or I did the trick If I had my kid right in front of me a little bit. Just to cover up the love handles at one side. You know you got a position The kids just perfect. It's a good tip. A winner will be crowned tonight on Dancing with the stars on ABC. There are four contestants left. Just seen a Machado from one day to time rapper Nelly former Bachelorette Caitlin Bristowe and naive Shulman from Catfish. They're going to be competing tonight for the last time on ABC, and after Alan Rickman, who passed away back in 2016 whole lot of a snow as professor Snape from the Harry Potter films, his journals will be published as a book. It's going to be released in the fall of 2022. All of his diaries covered his thoughts on acting insides on friendships and politics. He even shared behind the scenes stories from the set of Harry Potter. So that'll be out in 2022. I'm Joe there. Hollywood headlines Right? You'll thank you very much. Thank you for the show. Thank you for your show. Thank every show. Thank you for your show, Brian. Thank you for your show. Thank you for your show. 29,060 bucks. What's the noise That returns on Monday? So next Monday, we're taking a week off for Thanksgiving week here. Thanksgiving break. Rather so 29,600 bucks will be the jackpot for what's that noise? Next? Tony Jordan's a final check the morning traffic..

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