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Busy day comings and goings for the Washington Capitals going Great and hoping signs into your deal with the Vancouver Canucks. Hopi had one of the greatest place in Washington Capitals franchise history with the save. Remember that a couple years ago, helping the caps with Stanley Cup in 2018 over the Vegas Golden Knights so bright hope he signed a two year deal with Vancouver and with him leaving that brings in Henrik Lundquist, the veteran netminder, Future Hall of Famer. Signs of one year deal with capitals, who also eight defensemen Justin Schultz to a two year deal. Schultz with the last five seasons with the Pittsburgh Penguins, n BA finals tonight, LeBron James and get his fourth ring Lakers up three games to one taken on the Miami Heat in the Orlando bubble. Baseball playoffs. Divisional round Yankees raised a decisive Game five coming up at seven o'clock winner moves on to the CS to face the Houston Astros. French Open finals on the men's side all said some familiar names Rafi on the doll. Verses. Novak Djokovic Noodle is seeking his 13th French Open men's singles title. Frankie and Randi B. T O be sports head on double GOP weekend forecast and an outlook for fall foliage. It's five 47th. All your food. He's out there unwrapping a McDonald's steak, egg and cheese bagel. Look at this steak and the juice running down the side a little bit on the wrapper here and then a fluffy egg and really cheese photo was side looking just so good. Grilled onions on about a bagel. Two thumbs off from McDonald's steak, egg and cheese Bagel for breakfast. Love it more bump up participating McDonald's the Go through some emails..

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