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Schedule your free consultation. 8 38 on with traffic and weather on the AIDS. Here's Jack Taylor in the Traffic center. Alright, still big delays to deal with in Maryland, riding the Beltway topside outer loop trying to move into and through college park. We've had some major slowdowns. First, there was a crash on Route one that's gone. Then there was an incident on the ramp to North bound New Hampshire Avenue. That's gone. All this was in a delay that existed. From early this morning before five AM, they discovered the branch, the Northwest Branch Bridge between New Hampshire Avenue in University Boulevard. There was a bridge joint that was exposed to emergency deck repair continues right now. Single file left getting by 95. South bound. Your delay begins here. The Cherry Hill Road Overpass BW Parkway still quiet both ways between the Beltway's Slow out of Largo. If you're riding the inner loop of the Beltway toward the work soon after Pennsylvania Avenue that has got the left side of the roadway tied up in Edgewater route to South bound a tarragon lane. The work has the left lane getting by checking now in Elkridge 100 westbound near Rue one. That's a new reported crash. New hiccups in Virginia 95 North bound as you run into Springfield before the Beltway accident activity in the right lane. Going south on 95. We've had a slight slow down trying to get into and through foul meth. It was a work sound down there blocking the left lane there and there was an accident. The crash cleared the work sound still in the left lane, 66 coming eastbound out near the Fairfax County Parkway. Word of one broken down along the left side of the roadway, then just heavy, passing 1 23 and nightly upon to the Beltway. The ramp to the inner loop is limited lanes. You've got only a left lane getting by that long term work. You'll also find on Route seven. Westbound to work Sounds between Colvin Run Road headed out toward barren Cameron Avenue. First, the right lane gets by then the left lane gets by. Protect your home from the invisible destroyer. Termites call home Paramount Pest Control for a free inspection. 888888 Home or visit home paramount dot com Jack Taylor. W T o P Traffic Really Pleasant Morning this morning. Let's check here with Matt rigorously to partly sunny today very warm temperatures but with lowering humidity highs of the in the mid Upper eighties overnight Tonight partly cloudy, mild, uncomfortable lows in the mid sixties near.

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