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At bobby marks forty two and the female at tweet jay hood editor with this year as we talk about nba free agency here on espn radio talk a little bit more about lebron james and whether or not the sixers are fit brian win hearst was always hinchey on sportscenter while the sixers have a meeting this may not work out for them the people closely ron will tell you that the only meetings they would take quite legitimate meetings there but a number of teams who have been interested in meeting with lebron and because they're not legitimate options for lebron he won't meet with them and so philadelphia absolutely has legitimate case here that said i don't think that they're one of the leaders i think really the lakers remain the leaders and at some point lebron even if they don't want to publicize it yeah the brian is going to have communication with the with the lakers whether it's direct face to face or whether it's through his agent now let me just say that this is the similar path that they went through four years ago zubin his agent met with four teams at that time lebron only got face to face with two teams the heat and the cavs who were the two teams he was considering my feelings here when you get a face to face meeting it means he's either saying hello we're saying goodbye so thoughts from brian windhorst in bobby is i i look at the whole lebron situation we talked about the lakers and other options but when you look at philadelphia do you foresee the the seventy sixers winning the east if lebron was off team next season no i don't i i still think boston is the is the best team in the eastern conference with kyri and gordon hayward healthy my concern would would philadelphia's you have lebron and ben simmons to two and five as far as touches per game you will lose jj radic to free agency if you bring lebron james and you have to do some bargain really some bargain shopping there you will be a defensive minded team though i mean you will have lebron comington embiid so it will be hard to score against you but as great as the brian is i still think that that that boston team is i think that boston seems pretty good bobby i agree with you completely in you and i've been having this conversation for the last few months the issue to me is as great as lebron was last season i don't see any fit any fit anywhere where i think okay they get past golden state in a nother potential finals or bit that anybody is getting by boston with the way they're constructed in assuming the health of of the guys that they were missing on top of the philly conversation the thing that gets me is i never in a million years would have thought that lebron would potentially go to los angeles by himself without some kind of other big star alongside them but the more we talk to people we just had aaron gold hammer on for me in cleveland the more the sense is that he's going to la no matter what at this point you're right i think we we probably have to brace ourselves that if it does happen that even if nick they do get a player like demarcus cousins i mean we don't know when cousins.

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