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A CBC podcast. Hi Matt Galloway. This is a podcast from the January. Twentieth Edition of the current snow came down smack into the back of our house and the House next door. It went right through the window. the House next door tore the window and the window frame out dumped a ton of snow but I mean thank God. Nobody was killed. But I've never seen it lived here for thirty five years. I've never seen anything remotely like this now. Safe to say that Chris Brooks of Saint. John's isn't the only person who's never seen anything like this. Nobody has much of Newfoundland hit by a record amount of snow more than eighty centimeters more came last night. Just what they needed. The federal government has mobilized as the military. The BIG DIG has begun. Gus Penton is on Fogo. Island off the northeast coast of Newfoundland. Gus Good Morning Mickey callaway current. What does it look like? They're how much snow do you have around you. We have man it's still common It's it's fast and furious. I it it it's like we say it don't shop. What is that? What's the Big Lake? I mean the roads passable. Can you get out or what is it like. Oh Yeah we're pretty good here now but why hasn't hindered storm like that. It was a the Do we knew flanders not afraid of winter storm. But what happened in this one was was that the conditions were right. You had the wind. The snow's coming fast and furious and you had the amount but And it was is not the storm is actually the dangers of the storm. Storm You If your literacy and stuff right like the heating and then people are using Generators you got Carbon monoxide and stuff and and far-right. Alright and there's a big team you have to have floodlights big glossy. You can't see when Dirk and visibility was hand before you couldn't see. AM We've seen some of the photos of what it was like the morning after. What did you wake up to? Oh man it was a it was the snow warheads just generally just the chimney just just the chimney and you know here's a goal the all the all used to say was that They put a lawyer. Why not did have a goal to talk global warming which is right but years ago the editor they put her on from host hosts? And you had stabilised where they kept their livestock and stuff and in in order to get to them they put a line on. It followed her on because it was that bad and visibility hadn't known atrocity in order so they follow the line tutor and the hoses. I'm just getting back to the houses. was that bad now. That's a goal. You're talking about one hundred year. You see a storm like this and people. I mean as you mentioned people are up against it and there are serious conditions but people also ended up banding together. How did you see Neighbors and friends and people on in the community come together to help each other out matt. It's good and that's what we gotta do the world by an offer state now. You have Australia earn. You have two storms here. You had two wars in the Middle East. If we don't get control of the young people do not. You've got a good look to radio and your current you've got dumped eight people on stuff and keep the Michigan and keep the conversation going Younger people are more relaxed during the technology around her Only page which is raise. The technology is excellent but you have to teach him that this things can happen. Modern nature is powerful and Demoines we gotta run the world. The governments are good. But you gotTa have Britain in government you we were just talking. Buddha's there Wa wa you noticed big to dictate to us in Canada. WHO's a lot of business during which doing okay? And they should dismiss that case we've along with the truth about it in his mind and when we go on to four G. because we're losing business stuff and states dictating take Canada. He's a bully. He's not there shoveling your third one that has to do the shoveling. Do you ever seen anything like this while our town. You no no what happened before I was years ago. not this storm no subsided a bit now and like I say we're not afraid of winter we lure resenting acquire. We'll go through in her in her storm. It was the visibility and the conditions in this one in an emergency case. You've got people on dialysis medical. St John's is wicked like India. There's don't and the space is where to put it in that. But you've got Dialysis I had a sister on dialysis for years and stuff went back and forth Saint John's but it's emergency in case as a fire like on perdue would my sources heat and forget up Jimmy fire with decrease oil which would like Tara when a kitchen. I mean you won't have to clear so that makes John as you make your stressful Ed. It's still snowing. And they're still showing the day now but the top it all off on no shelter and now we got a bit hungry so came in and you know the pure beans and wieners are excellent so often them up and no wieners. It all that all that work and no wieners. In the ten no winners at attain a man was disappointed and So anyway I hate them. Ah Give me some more energy but don't stop anyway discipline. I'm saying not to. You got to have the supplies and we use Jenner but our heisel was rauner hydro here and Heisel Zinfandel dated the lines and I gotta make proposition to you now the updated and share. Because we got a five starring. You got to come home visit US I will. I love the Fogo Island beautiful place and you got your shoveling ahead of. You'll need your energy. I'll let you get back to To Dig yourself out Gus. It's good to talk to you. Not Listen Annemarie tramonte doing. She's great she's great and she's probably happening that she's not buried in snow. Although we have a little bit here in Toronto as well Gus thank you make nick. You're doing good work. I appreciate it. Gust Penton is a resident of Fogo island beautiful place in Newfoundland into as you heard. The snow continues. Their Saint John's took a wallop from. That's no there has been a state of emergency in that city. Since Friday the schools are closed the stores are closed. Businesses are closed. Roads are still impassable. The plows have been out since Saturday. Hey Brian Murphy. Co owner of Uber Murphy Limited Construction and Snow Plowing company popular man. I would think Brian Murphy. He's in Mount Pearl Newfoundland just a little bit west of Saint John's Brian. Good morning to you good morning. What's it like there now? it's overcast It was marred last night so it would have been the last night Quite slippery when it got cold again. Tell me about the cleanup. What time did you hit the streets? This morning Three Am Akra went out. And and what were you up against. We've seen some of the images of the snow but just describe what it looks like. When you when you went out with the plow it was just huge drifts everywhere around the city and the towns are are keeping headed they got all strabane drags open and cuts matrix on the side streets There's just an awful lot of ellen is going to be time consuming to push back. You see those side streets again. We've seen these pictures through. The streets are narrow. The snow is so high. Where does this go? Where can you move the two well? Basically Tro to one side. And just get a path that would have middle and eventually get around to trump and some of it and getting blowers in blown back Only small area you've got to deal with and just got to Get a path through I. It make sure everything's safe that you can get your mercy. I see Cruz whatnot than after the is going to be a time consuming venture I would think. And where's all the snow going. I know that Some of the the the government has said that you can put some of the snow into the harbor. Now Yeah Take a permission off after federal government to use however once again. You ever seen anything like this before we've seen Lurch Snowfall I've never seen the wind as bad as what it was. If you have to get out of the machine is all the snow actually hurt your face What is what is? Hr was going at her and it actually compact from the wind the snow when when you're pushing it breaks up the block as opposed to being fluffy was I. And that's what that's what created this huge drifts. Yeah Yeh you gotTa Win was Times before we went out of the deer fraud tiniest Malkin on the machine and really it was zero visibly. What about working Trying to plow the streets. What about your place Were you Snowed in like everybody else yes I was fortunate enough to be able to take home with me and I do private personalized Not doing much street work visa. So how did you get out of your place. I had a front unloader home man to death it was. It took a couple of choices there to get out but I I managed to get down a big hill just quite a bit of snow around. I don't five six eight hundred challenge customers saying that people are afraid of winter but this is something else. How Do Ooh if you talk to people? What are people's moods like are they? Do they feel beaten down by this or resilient and willing to kind of dig themselves out and on you go. Oh No not at all. I mean everybody Pretty Pepi. I see everybody under the getting together and show me relatives. I what I see so you now everybody can allow them pretty well and the army's On its way do you think that Having the military there will help of course There's a a lot of seniors in in the older parts. Count about nothing and Ami would be quite useful to help lead appreciate it. You've been up since is three. How long of a day will you have in front you around three deceiving we'll give it up and Out In three and tomorrow morning we have a lot of work ahead ahead of you. Good luck all right. Thank you very much thanks. Brian Murphy Co owner of Hubert Murphy Limited. It's a construction and snow plowing company. He's in Mount Pearl Newfoundland just a little bit west of Saint. John's how do you take down criminal network hidden in the shadows. I tell them that. I know that they're the ones who are running the the largest child abuse website on the dark net the journalists working to expose the darkest corners of the Internet. That's your playroom for that's your baby's close. That's my.

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