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Annapolis Really was introduced to a whole different type of regimen where i was Hey which was the military regiment going through the initial boot camps there and just going through i think could be an entire podcast episode her few Series of episodes dedicated to what we went through there But really. I really started to take on that regiment. In addition to playing at a different level of classic football there in going through academic regiment and so it really Shape started to shake me in a in a more in a different way where it came much more disciplined. I became very Strict on on time and time management things vassar and while still persisting kind of interest and maybe goal oriented regiments that i had Before we're that ended up leading was for me. In i was continuing some side hustles in school of selling t shirts and As i as a as i mentioned before it as i ended up a dating a girl who is from bulgaria which led me to to to Exposing myself travelling to this country. From time to time and i was actually to fund a lot of the trips to travel here. I was selling t shirts and trying to come up with shirt ideas. We'll go to all the students to our dorm rooms and sell sell t-shirts news that to buy. Tickets are to travel europe. My vacation days and And so all those experiences kinda lead up to The second i think has in my last year at the naval academy. I ended up. Having all these different side hustles. I had been involved in then ended up with my last year. Starting my first formal company which was called fx connection It was i really got into trading stocks and then later currencies and i saw that there so much information out in the world about you know how to understand the markets but it was really difficult to find the right type information at the most fundamental level and so what affects connection focused on was actually trading a lot of that content creating n- educational curriculum to help you understand. I was focused on actually currency trading. Help you understand the currency markets but take it a step further than just giving you information but more so giving you are helping you. Connect with what we are platform. Do is connect you with coaches. Who were vetted and traded successfully for a living..

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