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Beasts. Here's the thing. I'll make a concession. Okay you they only everybody. I'll make a concession for you you interviews zoom in your room okay. If that's what you wanna do so you could just answer all those still go pepper you but is this going to stop at your phone if you wanna do that. I'm open to listening to that now. Businessman already fight me and my head and in real life saying nothing like person personal personal interaction to close that deal to have the energy between you not some following or some device to block that same transmission of energy. I am with those people. Here's the thing. The this world came curved. Everyone's feelings man like already sloped. It's already rounded. We can't curve to everyone's feelings and not wanting to do to work is not a reason to not do the work now. Here's my greatest question. And i told knew i wouldn't go necessarily go here but dammit new thing is 'cause go therapist and my therapist cantilever says a lot of people. I don't need to see me but they don't know what they're feeling. So this is my greatest question not to direct it and they only but just people in general. What's the distinction between what you want to do and what you can't do because if you're talking about mental health this is something serious like we can't just start. Applying that label us is back ordered because we didn't respect it for so many generations but now that we do respect. The order is loosening all of a sudden. We can't go from something debt. When i grew up. I just didn't wanna do. I told you. I wanted to quit football every other day. But now we're at a place where i'm gonna say by middle health when my daddy is looking at me like you just don't want to go to today. S my distinction. I wanna make it in the case. Let's the car in part is about to get good. We going to you. You bring up so many great points now. Let's pivot to one. We can stay safe and stay incubated and not be you know what i'm saying. You remember my first year. My first two years in college. We had to it as k two days old school today. You put into wet pads back on again but then by my third and fourth year in college two days became too much they became outlawed in the ncwa. You can't practice in full pads twice. You can go out there again but you can't practice in full pads twice because they finally said for what we're running too big of a risk to the safety and health physical health of our athletes that sure you could do it and maybe a lot of athletes don't want to do it as opposed to their physically incapable of doing it but we finally got to a place of safety and saying what's the point in doing as we can survive in the sport will survive without them. You've been air times. And i've always said this before you know no greater mental toughness in life than when you literally think you cannot run one other sprint. And you hear the whistle blow and you run another one and you go. And you're like i did it but remember we've had so many unfortunate situations across the nation with air responsible strength coaches across big time programs. Who don't take heed to their athletes. Who were saying coach. I can't run another one. And then what happens. Athlete ends up in the hospital more worse and then after that happens now all of a sudden. We're like okay. Okay okay okay. We not only need a strength coach out on the field. We need the head athletic trainer out on the field and now we need a neutral arbitrator out on the field because we wait for a tragedy to strike to finally say okay athlete. We'll take you seriously. I guess you really we're tired. I don't think we should wait for tragedy to strike in regards to mental health to say okay naomi. i'd take you seriously. I guess you really couldn't do the interviews. Because what did we want to wait on for the or worse when they owe me for her to be admitted into some sort of mental ward alva-. We're like oh sorry. Naomi thoughts and prayers. And we're all sending praying sign emoji. Was she already done told us so. I think we should learn from previous sports. Let's not wait for the athlete to collapse. Wall running to take preemptive and precautionary measures. There is a very fine line. Yes because the body is capable but the body is capable of the mind. You have to convince but what happens when it's the mind. That's an incapable and the body. Now you have to convince. I think it's a fine line that i don't want to flirt with just because of life and how precious it is. Do you know naomi everybody. Do not wish you did that. Take right they're put in a bottle give it to her even if it is a little late because what you said is what she should her through this process before. This process even became public and respecting her partners in the tennis association. 'cause she didn't tell us and i don't wanna hold her foot to the fire necessarily but her first one our first layer of public consumption was she just didn't want to do interviews. That led us to mental health issues. And now all reports go back to two thousand eighteen her talking about this. But this is my only issue. Whitney only only issue is hey. You are working in connection in partnership with them. Please don't get to a place where you think they need you. Please don't get to a place where you guys have a game of chicken. Please don't get to a place where all of a sudden you're saying. I'm out of this one but i'll be in the next one or it's all based on what i wanna do because i'm saying this as like big brother in the industry former athlete talk day. Keep turning them out. This is the craziest deception at all. Athletes think that they bigger didn't exporting. Did they're bigger than their brand afford. Brand is the sport. Here's why we're gonna root for whoever wins that french open and even if there's a no name all of a sudden they got a win on their bill they go. Us open get another one. They go to australia. Get another one causes. Naomi were are you and only have to deal with her own issues. It's just if felt like the way it layered out. Instead of just concisely displayed that it was more to it than just the mental health element. I wish you could have said that to her while last one is there are times where i couldn't walk into. The stadium nearly had to get help to get into the stadium. But i had to run for those three hours. I'm glad i push through all those moments. Even though i knew there were some consequences. Coming up kevin. Durant has been red hot in the playoffs. We'll tell you katie. If proven he's the best player in basketball and s next. Oh speak for you. Thursday contains with the spring league f s for the conquerors and battle for chance into a championship hitting actually kicks off thursday seven eastern episode one in the fox sports up. The i know y'all say something up this hand to good the nest and close out their first round series against the celtics. What a win tonight. Kevin durant has been via the league in scoring during the playoffs for nearly thirty five points. A game also shoot nearly fifty six percents of the field and just over forty five percent from brief joined now by fox. Nba ellis jim checks. We'll be calling. Tonight's nets day. But i'll start with you. Is kevin durant proving. He's the best player in basketball. No he's not even proving us player on his team. He'll box please. Yeah just me and marsa. Yeah right no no. No no credit is due no grid. He's not and y'all notice most kevin durant. When i graduated from well i graduated. We both went to the same mater. Shot i not. I want say yeah okay. We both went to texas sodas. Instant love their c- hate if everybody come on down a zealous. Some people didn't have the graduate degrees.

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