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To 100 murders a year, Tom was 3 to 400 murders. In a year in the early 19 eighties. Not that Miami or South Florida was a sleepy community. But it wasn't expecting this bombardment. I would call it of criminality. D E. A agents will have to go beyond the call of duty to bring her to justice. Way would just find the bodies shot in cars or in their homes or restaurants or wherever it was, she really begins to emerge as this female Al Capone. These guys are the real deal, and this His real narcos. My name is John Cuban. In this episode of Real Marcus Way, follow the remarkable rise to power of one of history's most infamous drug lords. Chris Sell the Blanco. Straight from the horse's mouth. This is the story of what actually happened, according to the people who were there on the ground at the time. Hunting down the woman who became known as The black widow. I joined the police department in May of 1980. These drug murders air happening daily, and the new homicides that we're coming in were overwhelmingly Hispanic, either Colombian or Cuban, so I was fortunate. I spoke Spanish and I was in a homicide detective within 10 months of graduating the police academy. It was a rude awakening. July 11th 1979 2 25. White Ford Econoline delivery van rolls through the parking lot of the day Land shopping mall in Florida. The driver slowly crawls around.

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