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Graceland this basically host Jake Brennan this is wild I just met will Ferrell not really sure his hand on stage but I hope someone got a picture show my kid our Esther this podcast there once said you can't make a podcast about music and not have the musician's music in the show and I thought you're probably right but I'm gonna try it anyways and I think you know that the audience is grace that is built in this war is a testament to good storytelling great musicians who live larger than life so thanks to all the disgrace and fans thanks to everyone at I heart for pumping the hell out of the show the team at UT a double all this my wife my two songs who are my favorite story tellers so thanks so much starting in twenty rad Becca Tilley it's great to be here at the twenty twenty I heart radio podcast awards celebrating excellence in podcasting that's right podcaster exploding in every genre there's something for everybody truly that's why there are literally a million podcasts in the world right now one out of every three people is listening that's a lot of people and that number keeps growing and there are so many great podcast to recognize that we couldn't fit into all the words in the show so here's a look at some of tonight's.

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