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A few years after that. Judy got into a car accident with her two younger siblings in the car everyone walked away from the accident but perlstein took the other driver to court. He got enough to cover the medical expenses but not the damage to the car. So it seems that between getting swindled by his business partner and the car accident pearl finances took a huge hit but the truth is plenty of people are terrible financial ruin and somehow managed not to murder their families over it and plenty of people reach their fifties and start thinking about their mortality. And what they've done with their lives less far and they may be disappointed but they to manage to not go on to commit suicide. Let me just say the fact that we even have a word for killing your whole family is distressing like it happens enough. That people were like we gotta come up with a quicker way of saying killed his entire family and like i get it sometimes. Having a family is no fun or whatever but by a porsche get a mistress. Follow a guru to bali and end up in a cult. Something i guess. It didn't occur to harold that he was literally sitting and a half million dollar home. I guess murdering his wife and attempting to murder his family was easier than going down to the bank to refinance. Also just a weird side note in an interview. Many years later sherry lewis the pearl since former neighbor and babysitter suggested that everyone would have been happier if her father had been married to lillian. Pearl sinn and her. Mother had been married to herald which is a very weird thing to say about a man who murdered his wife. I wish that murderous monster had been my dad. She also said. Dr burleson gave really good injections Okay the weirdest part of this story. As far as i'm concerned his at herald pearl sinn was a surgeon. He had access to serious drugs. The drugs were in his house. Did it not occur to him that he could have drug tests family that that would have been the more humane way to slaughter them like a ball pine hammer of all things. That's the weapon. You chose a ball. Pin hammer. Doesn't even have those nasty clause. Did he not plan for any one of the first three people he murdered to scream alerting. The remaining people did he really think he was going to beat them. All to death in absolute silence. Did he not understand how pain works.

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