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Hits you hp specter x. Three sixty. I'm more thoughtful laptop arts. Okay let's just talk to me about your confidence level right now. Both in yourself your preparation your game plan. Where would you say it's at all ten. I'm feeling confident. Camps going great sparring is going. Great everything's been right on point and You know just looking to finish it up. Have you ever felt the camp. Didn't go great. No i recant. This far in my boxing career has always been been on point maybe One of my early fights it was all but other than that. It was early on in my career. Everything's been like every fighters like campaign green. Like i'm waiting for the fighter would be like this and i don't know what's going to happen in this fight. No no that. One off camera was early career and You know just a lot of things you know multiple things that transpired but This camp has been great. It has been phenomenal so you you've been very confident throughout this from the build up to making of the fight to the press conference to here we sit now. I've had a chance in the last couple of years to to call the last six camello fights. I can tell you for being in those spider meetings. Every single one of those opponents has expressed. Billy joe saunders might have been the most confident that i've come up against as far as canelo opponents go. What is it that you believe you can do differently that these other fighters cannot I think i bring a certain skill. Set that you know. Some of these other guys weren't able to bring to the table. You know billy joe saunders though. He was a crafty fighter. He he has skills but One thing that i know for a fact that we can all agree on his mind discipline and my dedication to the sport that not just in this camp because you can just do it for the one big fight but throughout my whole career and through a khalife dedicate myself to my crap and To the sport and When you do when you haven't been doing it and then you ought to do it for the one big fight it doesn't mean as gonna work on your favorite but when when you've been shoot your craft and Discipline dedicated your whole life. I mean that's going to bring you know a different level of confidence. So did you think. Billy joe saunders did things well against canelo.

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