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Into now well. We also have a little game that we wanted to play with. Eugene I and this is a tagline trivia game so genus starts destruct. You guys can help her out. But I think you're going to pay for the we're going to give you choices. Okay all right. We'll do the first one. Some people say I'm too much to handle. I say I'm just getting started. Oh I know that what is it. Camera is at Tamra Drug Shannon Dan. It's Shannon. Yeah got one point for those last year I was. Yeah Okay Next ex-wife. It's getting a little bit harder here. Okay Man I plead guilty to be fabulous was that landale steps or Tinsley Mortimer I'M GONNA go about it. Yes that was lou and so they put us here by impasse. Forward forward all right next one Mirror Mirror on the wall. I don't think I looked forty at all. Is that Theresa Nice or Melissa. Borge neither of them do. But I guess I'm GonNa Call Melissa. I think she's a little younger right then. Theresa so maybe it is Melissa. Melissa who is backstage you guys all right. I have another one here. If you can't handle me being the word on the street then stop listening. Is that Brian or Karen Huber's ebay. Thanks Brian. You should give them all like I know right like. Is there all right last one here. Gina I give the people what they you want and they always want more. Is that Nina leaks or Kenya. More can can. I think they both do go but Kenya. I guess I didn't is can you exactly. That's the plan. Plan her last name. All right you did a great job I mean with a little bit of a lot of Halibut. The five for five. We'll give it to. We'll give it to her. You guys give it up for Jean Enersen. Wow so so. Having played a tagline game. I think we often talk about this in the office. Like everyone wants their own tagline and they think everybody thinks of it and has their own tagline. So what would yours be. Okay this is an original definitely copying marge senior. Because her tagline encapsulates me as a person she performed this on. Watch what it happens. Live or on a second. I have two cats but only one pussy all right I mean I don't think I can top that one with what mine is but mine is I hate to say I. I'm sorry sorry Oh my God I ruined it okay. So do a turnaround to I hate to say I told you so but I do love being right it. I'm a tourist. I'm stubborn like I'd like to be. Okay may nineteenth. Okay I think I want to bring out who. I consider the ultimate Jersey girl so Melissa. The new season is here. What are you most excited for people to see? I keep saying season ten is definitely for the fans if you are a real fan of the real housewives of New Jersey and you've seen all the other seasons this this one is so honest we left a lot of things open ended. There was a lot of like cheating allegations. And all of these things that you guys never had answers on and now we're going to give you. The answer is yes we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA give them to awesome season. It's an awesome season. The envy of course Margaret was recently on the podcast. And she said that you two and your husband's and will often double date. One is like a typical date night for the four of you. We're heavy eaters. We go wherever the food is really good. And we usually like Margaret doesn't drink I drink my wine plus hers. Yeah the fact that I'm friends with somebody who doesn't cocktail is pretty amazing. 'cause I'm quite the Cock Taylor. But she's still oh fun even if she doesn't ever drink so it's great okay. What are the chances Danielle and Mardi will ever join? You guys. Never her ever never do we. Do we like in. Yeah now I think I don't know we can tell. Ah Ha ha ha. Since we're at Bravo con celebrating all things Bravo. I'm always curious to ask real housewives. What do do you feel has changed the most in your life since being on the show so believe it or not? I'm a little bit of a loner like I. I truly enjoyed walking around the mall and all of these things and I. I'm like a Browser Amish Shopper. And now I think it's a little different especially when when I'm there with my kids and stuff we we stop and we talked to a lot of people so everything just takes me like triple the amount of time I used to like run through stores icon Philly and I think I do a lot of online shopping now which is a perfect time for this to happen. So that's definitely one thing I think I turned into a little bit more of a homebody because of it it but the other thing that's changed is this. I really did truly start as a housewife. That beck cooks and cleans ages stays home and waits for Joe to come bring home the Bacon. Well now I bring home debate ensued. John just still brings home the Bacon but I also bring the home in the bay area. If you maybe surprise you and we'll pull them out in. I take her to uncanny. You're GONNA blow Ladies isn't he is killed. Thank you so we also have a game that we wanted to play with you. Melissa and this is the ultimate Bravo Trivia but what we are going to need help from to audience members so here. Melissa it's nice to meet with basically I'm going to host and Melissa is going to be better. The Don and Megan is going to be partnered with Baileigh. Kinda we do not have buzzers as you guys remember the game. We just Gina. But what we're going to do is have you guys raise as your hands so I'll ask a question. I raised their hands. You as lot to help me with that part of it. At least we'll give them the question if you don't get it we'll give it to the next team. We'll add up the points and we do. You have some prizes. Are you GONNA question. We're going to ask it out loud and you just got to raise your hand if you know it okay and you can work together on. Yeah that's all right. So the first question who is implant is in the clubhouse I had Senate who had it ever won for Melissa's team all right next question. What is Andy's favorite band over here over here sir? Yes Meghan on. There's all right. We're getting a little harder here. Name both of Lisa Vander Pumps Swans Hanky Panky Hanky panky two points for right points or Megan's team one point from Melissa all right fourth question what is socities favorite favorite item on the menu. Blessed to you. I've never had them but I feel like those would be my I- favorite. Although in September it was delicious. Oh my God okay. twos balls all right next x question and you have to let me finish before you raise your hand the little complicated okay so name all nine. US real housewives lives franchises both has and present. Oc New York Atlanta DC. Miami New Jersey New York I said New York Mark Orange County. It's all right I will give. I will give you an extra point if you can name the one that was announced today I uh-huh okay. One boy one point there we go all right next question. You guys excited for real sizes Salt Lake City. All right. I think Melissa might get this one. So we'll see what happens here question. Who infamously pulled the Danielle stobbs hair? Decide Jacqueline's daughter ash that is correct as the last name. Yes okay we got it you know. It's like malaria and now speaking of hair grabs Melissa. I do believe we're going to see another one this season. Can you confirm or deny you're gonNA see another hair. CNN Airport airport gets a little messy. It's a really crazy. See there's GonNa be like candle wax porn slowly until like your purse imbalan- it's some crazy is also involved in this one. All right all right. That's to be expected..

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