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Didn't work for me ambien. Oh yeah. I broke up with people. I wasn't dating. I was like i just don't think it's working out there like what and they're like you have to explain to my wife that you just broke up with me and we weren't together like the things i did on ambien were taxed. How many milligrams you won. Twelve point. five. What we need up your does this content. More only take one taurus. I took drive. You're taking trouser tone. Yeah gave me nightmares. Yeah hated it but with my ambien. So here's how my morning start. Wake up and i looked down. And i find the crumbs on my shirt because it starts with it off. And you're like what is this and you smell it. And then you go from there. And then it's on the bed and then i look at my nightstand. Let i retraced the steps into the kitchen. I find crazy things off and then you and then you go back and then you but what is the value in not having an in the house the i want to just go. Don't have it in the house. But if i don't have the how the in don't fool. I was in the car. Yeah when i lived When i was in college there was a seven eleven. Like the bottom of my building and i went and i was like i just need to eat healthy. I was on ambien. I was amion walking. I went to the seven eleven. And i was. I'm just getting something healthy. And i ate like five apples from seven. Eleven does like red apples. I'm eating medium like and they're kind of feel so bad. I ate like five apples. It wasn't something crazy. It was like five cans of soup or like fifty cakes or whatever and then the next day i went to seven eleven to get something alison. I saw the apples and they were covered in saran. Wrap why like to keep them. Santa's ran and then. I looked the most like no i was like. Oh these always answer. I was like are these. They've always been in saran. Wrap or you. Is this a new thing like since this morning. Eaten like all your poop. I mean yeah i should it out you know. Maybe i didn't maybe it's still in my in my god like cherry like that. You know what i did. Try to do once to protect myself from my own ambien. Benches is have you ever like sprayed. Something you don't want to eat with like windex are like that's poison. Yep okay i would like if there's like cupcakes or cake or something and i'm like eating on amazon. I can't eat anymore. This all expect with windex and then put it in the trash so that i won't eat it again and then on ambien you take off at. Sa white mother used to She sinker ambien. 'cause she would literally gushy gained so much weight she she talks about this and because she would go down and make butter and manny sandwiches. You know what my dad used to do. Peanut butter and mayonnaise or something about that generation..

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