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Sabin seemed to indicate in a statement today that that would be for him although. Don't hold them to it. He'll he'll be a young seventy seven. Let's get back to the calls right now. Mr paj in tuscaloosa. Good afternoon to you. Hey paul how you doing this low girl. Communications buddy from birmingham. Great to have you back. Thank you appreciate it I've heard you say james spans name and that's amazing. That's one of the few people. I was going to mention celebrity. That i've been around and dome that between you and him and nick sabin. You haven't changed at all since. I've known you Well we're talking about james panel and everybody in alabama's he's the preeminent in meteorologist and has been that way for cincinnati. He got out of the university but Any someone that I don't know anyone in the media in that state. That's more respected than him. There is not. there's not one. I've known him since he was the wtc radio in tuscaloosa. So i mean. I've known him forever. So coach saving. I was going to say You know there's a inner circle built around coach saving. You know that's in my second life. After communications with alabama. I've been fortunate enough to be in that inner circle and there is a that's somewhat of a you become part of the process and i seen him since he's the beginning. I've been here. The very beginning with him. He has changed at all is except that. The he's gotten more lenient things than he was in the beginning. He was pretty set in his ways. The first few years any kind of let things change. We changed the way we did some things in where they And that that was kind of odd just couldn't believe it the the one thing that finally shows that he really is coming of age as he finally got rid of that stupid old whiteboard that he had me put up at the big. I couldn't believe he had put that thing up year after year after year with a schedule on it when they have laminated schedules but he finally said okay. Let's get rid of that. I couldn't believe it but he he's you know he's pretty. Let me ask you this. I certainly respect Your relationship but for those who don't know him and that would include almost everyone watching and listening. What what can you tell us. that maybe We would be a little bit surprised by me. We we know how process-oriented he is. But what's he like to be around. He is pretty much businessman all the way you can. I got to know him at the very beginning. I i made friends with him when he first went over there to speak the first time as a conference center and they did not tell him that afterwards he was going to give autographs and that was not the thing to do and so he asked me to set up something for him and i did and i got people in and out real quick and we became friends after that friends in that he knew depend on me when he was over there. But he's he's very quick with you. Don't waste time with him. The only way you could mess him. And i didn't say this but if you ever want to get on his good side and grew get to really talk to him a little bit. Ask him about his grandchildren. That changes his whole complexion. I don't care what you're talking about. That changes what he thinks. But you know over the years. I've gotten where i it's gotten less than less. I'm able to talk to him. He comes in with a cell phone in each year. Cedric behind him or in front of him he usually and he's he's all business. I'll go in and ask him and he will let me know if there's something he doesn't like trust me he get the pointing finger. I know that means something's not right. So but he's really a very pleasant person. believe it or not but there is a inner circle. That's built around him. And that's why you don't hear other coaches talk about when we were at alabama. I did this or i did that are we. Did they don't say that but nobody knows what. The entire process is but him. I'm part of the process. But i don't know what the whole rest of it is so when i was there. That's that's the way you have to know that you're part of the process. You're part of the inner circle you do your job and you'll be fine but there's only person that knows all the jobs is him and that's the way it kinda works and that's and i told you probably more than ever told you but that's that's the way it works and i know that the one time the two people that i the most that has been around the longest cedric. Because that's the person everybody says. Who's that guy following kosher around that cedric. And you know. I know you do. And jeff allen. Who is the team position. And i was standing outside one time with them after the latest change. I think in coaches and they had to make sure who's supposed to come in. Who's not i said. Okay guys we're gonna be alright this year and both of them turned around same time and look important right coach. Saving the said as long as that man's here we were about anything. So that's the way they feel about it and that's the way it seems to have worked and they don't seem to don't seem to miss a beat but i know who you were talking about also when you say you need to stop. I'm not gonna say a friend of a friend or coach hit me up. Not now after i said and they said please don't mention that name it will be the end of it and would not easy to say. But that's you know they're not you know. Know i mean everyone. I mean the thing that struck me about nick. Saban is that whenever he talks to someone. There's a message behind it. He doesn't he. You know a lot of us. Should we like to shoot the breeze. He's not a share. he makes he. You may think he's shooting the breeze but He he's got there's a method to the madness there certainly is. He doesn't he doesn't waste much time he's pretty much got everything regimented so You know that. That's that's what i say back. And that's another thing. When i l think outs.

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