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Serving the consumers the capitalists lose their funds as soon as they failed to invest them in those lines in which they satisfy best the demands of the public in a daily repeated Publicis site in which every penny gives a right to vote to consumers they determine who should own and run the plants shops and farms, and then Andy Duncan continues in his response to to me says when capitalism came in a lot of people hated this new way of doing things particularly those who had futile. Privileges Gill privileges. And so on. Competition can make life painful ask anyone who's lost a price lover to someone else. It hurts. And so a multi century war began between those who once had landed privileges gifted upon them and the capitalists who used free markets to strip away those privileges after the feudal age capitalism produced such plenty, and such wealth that many also began to take it for granted, we see this, of course, today with gentrified, socialists, toting, iphones and business class flight tickets to Bali they lacked any idea as to where all this wealth came from. It's just there when they wake up in the morning, and if they do think about it at all they think it's just part of nature. However nature actually used to exist for all of us as dire poverty with most of us. Scrambling around with sticks trying to scare way big predators. From the remains of hunted. Carcasses vultures used to come before us in nature's pecking order in this new post feudal world people now had to survive on their wits and their merit. But most of all on there. Our ability to happily satisfied, the needs of others. And when you come up short on such abilities or wish to engage in leisure pursuits rather than serving the needs of others. Then you'll go without and whose fault is this is it you the worthy and perennial congress who wishes to dedicate your important life to studying Proust. Or is it the fault of the evil capitalists? And that again is Andy Duncan writing at the music institute. And I'll just add this couple of things actually. We often talk about this Takata me of the culture here on the program and a framed in a couple of different ways, I've talked about the culture of gratitude versus the culture of grievance that you either live your life in such a way and have a worldview value system that tends to put you in an attitude of gratitude where you're grateful for the things that you have your grateful for the relationships in your life, your grateful for the opportunity to do things you're grateful for what you've been able to earn. And what God has blessed you with and what you've been able to achieve or you have a world view, and a value system that tend to lead you in the down the path of grievance where you always feel as though you're there somebody has has one over on you that you're being oppressed that you deserve something that you're not kidding. And at somebody else's fault. And this is a generally speaking a way in which we can characterize the. The cultural right from the cultural left another way, I've characterized it is that there are two different approaches to pursuing happiness or to thinking about happiness before you decide how to pursue it, you either think that happiness is something that is internally generated something that's a product of your own self something that you are responsible for and that you define that you pursue. Or you think that happiness is something that happens when the world around you is the way it ought to be. And if you if you think that ladder way, if you think that your happiness is dependent upon the world around you being a certain way, then it becomes the responsibility of everybody else because the responsibility of society to ensure that the world is the way you need it to be longer for you to be happy. I think this description that MRs provides and the Andy Dunkin app muses institute expounds upon of capitalism and just the basic description of what it enables of people being able to to discern. Learn what the needs of the society around them is. And then applying their mind in their judgment and their effort towards the production of values that other people are willing to trade with them in order to obtain and thus generates wealth. This is a merit based system liberty in Abel's merit based reward and the problem with merit based reward for a person who has for a person who does not approach life as an adult with for a person who has a childish mentality. Think about how children view their world, children only know what that's all. They know they know that they want and when they get they know that they like, and that's pretty much the entire spectrum of their emotional response. They know they want, and they know they like when they get and they also know that they're angry when they don't, and that's the the progress that one makes from childhood from immaturity to adulthood and much already is defined. Along the spectrum of starting in that space that immature childish reaction and childish emotional spectrum to to getting to the point where you take responsibility for your own happiness. And you wreck you recognize reality for what it is. And you make your judgments based upon what is real. Capitalism. Slaps you in the face with reality. That is why people hate it capitalism. Capitalism in Abel's you to achieve whatever you're capable of achieving. It also will not reward you without merit. And so people who are not producing people who are not generating the value that they either want to generate or that they think they are generating are going to feel aggrieved when they don't get the things they want. They don't get the attention. They don't get the wealth. They don't get the recognition as so something has to be it can't be them. It can't be that. They're not actual that. They don't actually have the best idea or that. They're not actually producing the highest value with the lowest cost it has to be the system. And this is the root of why the argument against capitalism has been so effective. It appeals to people's childish vanity. We'll take your calls and found. Laurie continue six five one nine eight nine five eight five five closing argument. My name's Walter Hudson. Twin cities news talk dot com..

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