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But most of the others i believe are from central or south east or northeast region writers. Not too far from us. Actually right right so anybody else. Well take cameron and some of the others over the years. I've met and Yes we're going to need to get some of these people on and talk to them and see how things are going to going with their plans for bag. They'll be doing some training and stuff to afternoon. This gets whittled down. There'll be a team of four. And i don't know that they're allowing individuals this year. So i think that's one of the changes that's been made so it'll probably just be the team so we'll have to. We'll have to see how that plays out. But we'll let you know as we learn what's going on there now to continue with endurance one. Oh one today in your classroom we have. We have professor karen here today and we are all the students. So professor karen one of the things that jennifer was so confused by at this last ride was all the acronyms for everything and now You have some acronyms that are you know are official and then some that aren't unofficial so well. Let's start with the dia which stands for distance induced mental retardation mile marker. It's different for everybody. Depends on the day personal right right and then there is a dr which is for your horse although you could apply this to a writer as well ain't doing right you've you've used before rv. Apparently that's fairly common. And then another one that is also pretty common and popular especially with the feds. Because a doctor jamie kerr who we've interviewed before talked about this. Edp which stands for eating drinking peeing pooping. And what the. That's one no is your horse. Edp so you could ask the vet did that. He did that idea what he's talking. Come.

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