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County there about one hundred eighty thousand kids in the account and so would you typically you know when you're trying to figure a hobby school districts are you elementary typically five hundred six saturday henry kids medals your above 5000 so we'll try to get high schools you know on your rob blake that across the entire united states just across the town just across el paso my god that is that is a huge that's a huge endeavor to save herschel peace my god if you extrapolate that offficial dates were were talking about you know here here here we are with this program that we hope and believe can have a positive impact on on improving the quality of public hedged asia kate dillon and this thing happened this week that makes me stop to think oh my god how how it's like with one said it's it's expensive already imagine what's going to happen if overall health school districts are what juggling money like crazy right now is that you know look we talk about all the things that that have been eliminated from various schools like music and some sports programs and things like that it's because the school districts simply can't afford to do anything but what they're doing one can tell you that absolutely against you know i mean we what we what i roger the school district was a test drive district in kapil in a lot of districts cross a country with a high pressure on school accountability and said exams we did exactly what you said go which to me is counter intuitive nieto who up to develop young minds it took away everything but the academics or or yo acronyms ozzie lastly be gobert legit way fine arts music some of the other extracurricular a everybody forgets that like if you if you're doing well in a music programme than your math skills go way up automatically i truly doubter if you do well in a in a up in a theatre arch class you do much better in english everybody knows that it's a proven its weight a minutes old old a lau even all i know that um have a.

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