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With a 32 win. The Canadians advanced the Stanley Cup finals for the first time since 1993. Coincidentally when they beat Wayne Gretzky and the Kings that year. It was the last time a team from north of the border one at all. They will have to wait for the winner of the Islanders enlightening who's playing Game seven tonight in Tampa? The Rockies Open a three game series in Milwaukee this afternoon. They're looking for their second straight went on the road. John Gray takes the mound for Colorado. Corbyn Burns goes for the Brewers. First pitch Shoot 10 pregame coverage gets going right here on cable news, radio instrument free of charge and I Heart radio at 1 30. Last night, the Western Conference finals, The Clippers decided they'd show up for the series, beating the sons who got Chris Paul back. One of 6 92 at Staples Center. Game four Sunday in L. A. And for the second time ever Colorado track and field will have to buffs compete in the Olympics in the women's steeplechase at the same time, as Emma Coburn and Valkanis seen finished 1st and 3rd, respectively in the steeplechase finals at the U. S track and Field Olympic trials last night in Eugene, Oregon. Coburn, who's headed to her third Olympics, explained after the race what she would do to hold off Courtney Free. Ricks, who took second in the event, Courtney's are very, very, very good athlete. She's the American record holder, an event in the event and so I knew I had to. Really grind if I was gonna, um, get some real estate between us, and and so, Yeah, I think my fitness is good and the tactic worked, Um and we have a really great team going to Tokyo in 2016 in Rio. Colburn took home the bronze and steeplechase in 2012 in London. She finished eighth that sports I'm Randi Crystalline can win his radio home of the Broncos. Boston Iraqis. Thanks PKK Away. These radio time is 6 16. Our top stories on Colorado's morning news and infrastructure deal is done. But what's next could be an uphill battle. The president says a bipartisan group of senators worked with the White House to reach the deal on improving roads and bridges. Here's where the money for this package will not come from. We're going to do it all without raising a cent from earners below $400,000. There's no gas tax increase no fee and electric vehicles. But and this is a big, but the president has said the Senate first needs to pass a reconciliation bill that includes the human infrastructure needs like childcare and education. And it's the reconciliation proposal that a Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell, calling out President Biden for what he says is caving to Democrats. McConnell accused Biden of flip flopping on the bipartisan effort to appease Democrats. The GOP leader says the conflicting messages from Biden Raised serious doubts if he's actually serious about getting bipartisan infrastructure framework passed through Congress, NBC News Radio's Brian Shook the newly named head of Border Patrol chief Raul Ortiz says they work with customs officers to track migrants who are coming from places that have ties to terrorism. This idea that if somebody comes from Yemen And they show up on our doorstep, and we apprehend them that that's the first encounter with them. Now we know they're coming today. VP Kamala Harris visits El Paso, Texas. We're asking you this morning how to solve the crisis at the border you're weighing in this morning on Facebook and Twitter. You're Governor Andrew Cuomo is signing into law today the Gender recognition Act. It eliminates barriers that undermine the health safety and equality because of someone's gender. It adds a gender neutral marker X As an option for birth certificates, and the law allows parents to change their names on birth certificates and allows someone to identify their own gender quote, not by any government designed form. The state of Colorado is seeking applications from organizations that help defend people who are at risk of being evicted. Colorado judicial branch opened applications for its eviction Legal Defense fund yesterday. Hawaii is making it easier for you. If you're vaccinated to travel and visit the Aloha State is ending a pre travel covid testing requirement for fully vaccinated US visitors starting on July 8th in Richmond, Virginia. They're building the first three D printed home. The 33 D printer is making the outside walls for the 1600 Square foot home. Construction is set to be done in October. Those involved with the project say building a home this way could lead to a drop in home prices. And finally Another guitar used on stage by any man. Heylen is up for sale and a lot, including hundreds of rock and roll artifacts and autographed black and yellow char Vall E V. H art series guitar that was played by Eddie during a Van Halen concert in ST Louis in 2012 is up for sale as part of this auction 6 19 on Colorado's Morning news Coming back, we'll talk about A special name for the new WVA Medical Center. That with Congressman Jason Crow. Next at 6 24 1st at 6 19. Let's go back outside. Beautiful, sunny skies out there. Nice mild day today. How's the commute.

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