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And i think a lot of people respectable or but i watch enough like this from still holds up that it just didn't make it and is that and i put it i would has been try to some smart but philadelphia is maybe the most interesting denzel washington we that there it is what it is the fact that he but in the course the movie goes from home also to not homophobic and he's a black man woodson the bucs need is lot made out of our let's be more homers we're going to people which i don't leap the truth but tom thanks gets the credit for but then cells characters the anchor of the movie yeah i agree i actually just up parts of that movie recently on tv hadn't seen it in years and some of this court room scenes or fantastic and then cells why jonathan dummies camera and those point of you shots restocking the right to us as but the jury as the audience i think a really affected you're right dens i was great gary also worked of course that demi on the mentoring candidate which maybe not as good as the original mentoring together but still a a call i like that was his i mean to me he was amazing him injury kennedy it's just it was funny that's what are we had spike we with his top five to the watching wins but we would let him put his own was in there it's on us they were downs like it just so oh yeah yeah well we will definitely link to that episode in our show notes it's all spotting dot net the most likely and linked your podcast and i can say how much fun this was thanks so much for taking the time again come out stakes come out thank you have you have to do it this is an election this is a cool this isn't and and country originated changing on country don't this is bridge the and i'm truly global twenty bad science to put of sleeper in the white house and that's what's going on that's what's going on greatest actor of all time period done so washington in a clip there from jonathan dummies man sure ian candidate remake are thanks.

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