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If you face covered properly another official has testified that song and said after that call the president cares more about the bidens silencing moments ago he does not think the president said that to him with the queen's permission Britain's prince Andrew says he's stepping back from public duties to avoid being a distraction over the Jeffrey abstain scandal this just days after a widely criticized interview in at the prince said he did not recall ever meeting and then seventeen year old girl who says she was forced to have sex with them the princess he regrets his association with abstain and deeply sympathizes with his victim America's three W. Y. P. C. mobile news all the level on the go number sixteen hundred Hoosiers hand last year cloudy and forty seven degrees in downtown India abroad Connie here's what's trending at two OO to a pain in the back of blood in the urine having to go a lot could all be symptoms of bladder cancer Chris Davis reports on bladder cancer awareness month if you keep saying blood in the urine a game treated for recurrent urinary tract infections that absolutely make sure that you see a urologist Dr Reena Molly is a female pelvic specialist she says the treatment for bladder cancer can be costly and there's not really any screening for it so if you see the symptoms tell your doctor over sixteen hundred Hoosiers got sick with bladder cancer last year Chris Davis ninety three W. I. B. C. mobile news caller found almost completely submerged in the White River just north west of Riley hospital for children this morning I empty says no one was in the car they're still trying to figure out how and why the car ended up there and there's a new big man on campus and he has four legs the university of Indianapolis introduced Grady the greyhound this morning it's the first time you Indy has had a live greyhound mass god on campus since nineteen eighty one it's two oh three as for the family to boost mobile and we got so much more like what well we got for free phones for lines for just twenty five dollars per line per month I smashed up the car and unlimited gigs wait did you say you smashed up the car yes it's completely smashed but for free phones.

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