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Cruiser low like it's the beginning she comes around the corner. Here comes beach cruiser. Sarah she is. We felt so bad shoes peddling so hard these other people are just coasting with their their super nice bikes. And she's just give it everything. She has barely move look like slow motion as she gets back she gets back and just again dominates the run and did a really good job. Those were to really fun events to be at the beach. Cruiser one was probably harder than the one where my tire was broken just because the beach cruiser has no gears and you're much lower to the ground so I was like a little kid out there amongst all these adults her hands. We're like Oh yeah my hands were up by my face of but I was way down low with my booty like a big old seat that I was sitting on any hill. I was pumping pumping pumping to get going. I was standing up. I look like a ten year old around pushing repels backwards and skinny at any hill. It was just like I hope I make it. I hope I make it it. Just yeah no I sure not not with that each. So Yeah. Those were those were to really fun event. They were and it's the first time we've ever talked about anything physical triathlons on the show and we talk about eating hot wings. All right so I'M GONNA ask one question before we go ahead and move on to ask a Spivey but ZAC and Sarah almost the wrong name. Like I'm done that before. I told you that award show. I called her Sierra. This is my fiance Sierra to fifty people in front of like teachers that I had had in high school. That no my name better than my fiance. It'd parentless so worried about Saint Fiance that I forgot her actual apparently yet I still married him all right. So it's the three of us and we each have to do one part of the triathlon. Which one each of US Doing Zack? Which one do you think you would be best at none of them? I think the running probably you can run three point one miles. Yeah no say Nice job. We're all proud of you. So which one would you were. You knew all of them which one you think. Zack and I would be best up. You'll probably do swim. I don't think you're going to swim. I'M GONNA put Zach Swim just because I wanNA see him get in and out of that. Went to ruin a whole team and then reach crews. Do the swim on this. After you just have to mess with the speedo point decision first place and then try. I would put it the bike. Nice calves I feel like you could pump L. and I have a bad experiences with now. You're not touching license. I'll be by Zach will be swimming. You'll be run. I think he'd be the best runner. Swimmer am biker of the three of us so you could do all three and zagging. I just drink beer and watch beyond. No thank you yeah. I didn't know that was an option. I do that all day. So that's all we got for sports job. That was a fun story but was I almost felt like I exercise. All right have take a long break. I'll take quick break and we're GONNA come back with us by you've got questions. We've got man boobs directly from our listeners. We bring you ask a spivey all right for ask a spivey since we have a third spivey with us we're GONNA do ask Spivey We're going to do a couple of questions just to do it if we have other. Non Spies we so-called. Ask A spivey. Right sure why not just happened to be that our first two guests We have a lot of roads.

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