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And spirits caster mixed with oil of amber, they tried an elixir by taking heart shore oil from the Antlers of a deer and mixing it with soot. They even tried collecting do drops and let them evaporate so they can use the miniscule amount of dust to make tonic, but none of it and worked. That was frustrating too. Because Samuel's niece Abigail wasn't getting any better. It had begun days earlier when he found the eleven year old girl crouched beneath the chair her hands pressed against the signs of her head. She was twisting and writhing and complaining loudly about some sort of torment. When things got really bad Abigail would collapse onto the floor in Olympic as if all of her bones had been magically removed from her body. She would seize up and contorted and panic in a house too small impact this there's that was a frightening sight. Samuel and his wife. Elizabeth lived in that small house with three of their own children. Plus Abigail close quarters meant that everyone was suffering vicariously alongside the young girl. But it also meant that illness was likely to spread unless they could treat it fast before they could manage to do that. However, their worst fears came true in early January of sixteen ninety two screams from another part of the house pulled Samuel out of his frigid upstairs study, he bolted down to see who is in trouble. And what they might need only to find his nine year old daughter Betty suffering through her own version of poor Abigail original symptoms. Elizabeth was crouched over the girl hand on her back to come from her. But when she locked eyes with her husband there was nothing but panic in them. The Reverend Samuel Parris felt a chill ripple down his spine. He and his wife shared a common. Fear an assumption about what was really going on in their house. There was no doubt. Either Samuel was a deeply religious man who served as the minister of the local puritan settlements. He understood how things worked and had heard similar stories before all of it pointed to an obvious conclusion just because it was plain to see did it make it any less frightening. Something evil had arrived in Salem. And it was just getting started. This is on obscured. I'm Aaron mckie. This might come as a bit of a surprise. But there's nothing inherently special about Salem, Massachusetts. Sure, it's.

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