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And it's fascinating when he really decides to turn it off. And a few times he actually doesn't go full out, which I also think really works, and possibly makes it like an actual performance as opposed to just, you know, a featured YouTube clip. But yeah, it is what you'd hope. Yeah, there is a kind of a quiet misery in some of the Aldo Gucci performance. And when you see what happens to his character over time, you see that it is not just all glamour and excess for him. So Jared Leto. In my lifespan as someone who has covered the world of movies, Jared Leto has really been through all of the phases of life. He has been a reclamation project from the world of television. He hasn't been considered one of the most beautiful people on earth. He has been considered a surprisingly talented actor. He has been considered an Academy Award winning actor. He has been considered one of the most annoying people on movie sets in the history of the industry. He's been considered the lead singer for 30 seconds to Mars your favorite band. And I have seen live, in fact, because I wrote a piece about Jared Leto almost ten years ago for grantland about how maybe he was a little bit misunderstood. Now, in that time, he went on to play the Joker and become deeply annoying. You may recall, he was nominated for a Golden Globe just this year, for a film called the little things. Remember that? He was the basically the best part of the little things. I wouldn't say he was the best of anything, but he was worthwhile. Well, I mean, just like, to the extent that that movie was working. To the extent that people were trying things. He was trying it. Yes. At a bare minimum, we know that Jared Leto is always going for it. He does not mail anything in, and he is very divisive. A movie like Blade Runner 2049, a lot of people saw his performance and were like, wow, he took me way out of this beautiful little dollhouse that you built by putting this jerk in this movie. In this movie, I believe that this is the single best use of his talents in the history of his career, because Paolo Gucci is one of the dumbest people that's ever appeared in a film. And his self delusion is transcendent to me. It is magnificent. And he is not putting on any heirs. He's like, I am literally doing Luigi. I do not care. I will be Luigi for two and a half hours. He's also fat. I believe in Luigi. You know? Like Luigi has a heart and a beautiful artist soul. Absolutely. He's like, he's not Super Mario. He's Luigi. He's the number two. You know, he's like, why do I have to play the back? Why can't I get time with princess peach? You can feel that agony from him. And I loved it. I thought it was I laughed at almost everything he said. Your mileage is really going to vary on this one. If someone comes out of this movie and they're like, that guy is an idiot and I hated this movie. I understand what did you guys think? You go first, man. Well, I just kind of reclaimed some space for Jordan catalano. You know? Can we just take a moment? You know, for my childhood and many other people's childhood and be like, that was like one, Jared Leto. But post Jordan catalano, I'm with you..

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