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Like it's pretty intense like holding those positions and stuff like your heart rate does start to elevate. It's like just from that alone adding on the sauna which makes moderate physical activity. That's been shown absolutely mimics it and then all the studies have shown that on top of that. I mean that's like it's it's super intense. It's the the really cool thing about and I want to get my mom. I think we move on to our home where it's not like the office like I want to people that are not people that are sedentary and people that are sedentary for whatever reason maybe they're sedentary because they're disabled or maybe they're sedentary because they've had a lifetime of being sedentary and it's it is just hard to get them motivated to go exercise like this sauna to me is like that's so important because it's giving these people are potential cardiovascular workout. No it is. That's been shown it's giving them a cardio vascular workout without having to force them to go for a run are going down a bike that people think like when you tell them go sit in the sauna. They think of a SPA like I wanna go do that. You get someone who's like like my mom. She's she said in Teri. She's not like physically active person and she needs to be but like the Sauna. That's that's Kinda my goal is to get are doing and we'll have to start slowly because you have to adapt the heat shock proteins. Help with as you the more the more time you're exposed to heat stress and the more adapted you are like the the heat shock proteins increased quicker so it's part of the adoption process as well of you know being able to handle the heat stress but like. I want to get her to do that. Because like any you know any cardiovascular improvements can help her moods can help her her. All cause mortality. That's been shown you know four to seven times a week. Forty forty percent. Lower all cause mortality Cardiovascular mortality fifty percent lower. You know so i. I think that's a really cool thing about the sauna is that you can get people that are disabled people. That can't go for a run. You know I mean I still think exercise I mean that's the best thing ever period for everything you know for everything it's just gonNA overall improve the way you age. And that's GonNa make you more robust and resilient to anything sauna to me is it it. There's so many benefits but one of the big ones is that muscles feel better. They feel looser. They're not as sore like when I have hard workouts and I get in the Sauna afterwards. I feel like my recovery's more rapid interesting. That's interesting. Yeah I because I don't do resistance. Training Shame on me. I don't I don't have that same perspective but it there there have been studies at least. We're localized he. On people. That had limb mobilized. I don't remember what it was but after a week People that had the heat treatment local heat treatment had almost forty percent less muscle atrophy and in and huge in animal studies. And like I remember. I shared this animal. Study an article. I wrote years years ago. Before the human said he came out and like critics. It's animals and you can't say does this and I would get on the mechanism and they showed it with heat shock proteins. And there's all no like and I was so happy when he said he came out. Because I was like told you told you motherfucker. Say She was just a few of those. Those guys that you just like you like. Maybe just I don't know like do a big comprehensive search the literature and understand things and don't have that exact said he just yet but like. I know that it's going to help with muscle atrophy. So people love to dismiss things. Don't they yes they really do even even if they're wrong they just love to like fixate on confirmation bias a little possible potential things. Yeah so just being open minded and going I think that happens a lot too with like social media because like for if I share one study I'll share like an epidemiological study and it's like it's twitter. You know I'm doing one hundred and forty carrier or whatever the chain I don't know what the characters are now but I'm doing a small number of characters and I'm just sharing one study and if it happens to be a non randomized controlled trial you know correlation doesn't you know doesn't causation. It's like sometimes I just share a story because one. I think it's interesting or too because I've read a bunch of you know evidence surrounding this topic. You know about all the other clinical evidence all the genetic have all the animal like an and so I have a knowledge base here and so I share a study that maybe isolated in and of itself not the strongest study. But you know it's like Chandler comments. I can't someone else. This strike up a conversation in a Porta potty because it affects me like I'm the kind of person where I like to make people happy like it. It bothers me when people are like unhappy. It bothers me when people like. Don't go on twitter period because most people are unhappy or youtube. Now I mean I guess that's not really the case I for me at least the bigger audience that for you for sure. I mean the bigger your audiences. The more you get that. This is what I try to explain to a friend of mine who is on the podcast who read the comments and I go juice have to stop and think okay even if just one percent of all of my people that go from instagram. Like if you're reading the INSTAGRAM COMMENTS. One percent are assholes just want which is probably really conservative right? He had a room full of people. There's one hundred people in the room. What are the odds was going to be an asshole? It's one hundred percent right that means there's ninety two thousand assholes that's only untenable. You can't manage that right ninety. Two thousand shitheads who have fast their whole life and they wanna just beer Gary Barrett. They WANNA shoot people down make people feel bad. And just yeah. It's not worth it. I don't and I feel for those people I I genuinely. Do I feel for people that are in that state where they realize they're not they're not happy they're not happy with their own performance not happy with their life? They'd probably not happy with the relationship or the job and they just want to spew nonsense negative garbage. Yeah I mean that's that's the problem with not being suspicious delicious yeah tool cliff twenty five milligrams all right. Thank go get some other flavors to the the problem with that is. You'll fixate on. The one person says the negative exactly. It's a natural human inclination and that fixation for me keeps me up at night. I lay down. It doesn't happen much anymore because I try not to read of guns much better. Do you know what I'm talking about. The early days of social media before he got a handle on it. I'd be like fuck this stress like so taxing you get into discussions with people are like what am I doing? I think it's important to be critical and get like you know. There's there are people that are really trying to make prove something. And there's there's all sorts of incentives for being hypercritical if you had rational people who are kind folks who have interesting viewpoints and they looked at something and they found something to be wrong with that and they handled it with grace and some sort of Monica of dignity and kindness. That'd be great. I mean there. Are Those people sure like if you were having a discussion with a good friend and the good friend was looking at something he said and said I disagree because of this look I have conversations with good friends all the time even on the podcast where I disagree with them but we handle it like friends may but that's the problem with twitter's it. You don't see that person you don't you don't know them you don't. WanNa please them. He just want to be mean you know. And that's what a lot of people are doing just getting their rocks off there and I feel like now for while during the pandemic when it started. In the lockdown started people were nicer. There was less social justice. Outrage was less but now it seems like as time's gone on people getting more frustrated and more desperate and more depressed because they're locked up it seems like it's ramped up its talk. This is unprecedented right. Being it is I I miss miss my life before the pandemic ms taking my son to the park and miss our our soccer classes and music classes. I miss it. It is hard. Kids are having drive by birthday parties. They drive by with fucking balloons yell at the window. Happy Birthday like fuck. And they're never GONNA forget this. Then they're going to get a weird. This is to do an alter their classrooms on ipads. This is so weird. See My son's at an age. Where he's this. He's not going to really remember. Well I mean depending I. I really think that I think things will start. We'll start to get better. Well it's the dozen. I'M GONNA move to place where it's better because I think the way this co- this state is handling in his fucking terrible. They're treating us like we're infants. Some of the list. They've given you a proven activities and Nana proven activities. That's highlighted for me because I don't know if you've seen having I didn't even know that pull pulled up Jamie there so fucking stupid because you gotta realize these people that are writing these lists. These are not experts. These are bureaucrats. These are politicians. These are people that really have no business telling you what to do and what not to do. They're fools but they're in a position to influence millions and millions of people so they have the ability to tell forty million people what they can and can't to make the largest secondary this look at this athletics badminton singles throwing a baseball softball. Bmx writing canoeing singles. Crabbing you know crabbing. You'll find crabs cycling exploring rock pools. Oh Can I can exploit rock pools you fucks gardening not in groups golf singles walking no cart. Why why can't I take my car? Who are you well? Hiking trails paths allowing distancing horseriding singles. Jogging running it gets gets grosser meditation. Oh you can do outdoor photography. I didn't know thought that GONNA kill everybody. What is what is what is the top of this. What this headline. What is this page outdoor activities? It gets worse? Kids scroll down. It gets so stupid towards the end. Soft Martial Arts Tai Chi Kung not in groups cheek hung they listed the martial arts like fuck off table tennis singles trail running trampolining. Oh can I get a trampoline? Thanks did know how about this one? Watch the sunrise or sunset. How about wash the car? Wash the car. Oh Great. That's something I thought. Rocks reform from the fucking sky. And I couldn't wash the car. Jesus Christ but that's what drives me bonkers in all cases you should only do these activities alone or with members of your household..

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