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So one of my saying, with all of this, I think muni's are genuinely healthier than they've ever been, and why is that a big deal? Because Tiger Woods, as you said, is coming back just this week. Tiger Woods hasn't played golf in the public eye all year. This is not a muni boom like the one we saw maybe in the early 2000s that was based off of Tiger Woods, bringing people to golf courses and inspiring people. This is people being inspired organically. People wanting to be outside. People wanting to get out of muniz, what muniz have been wanting to deliver them for years. And I started to think like, okay, is this a huge deal? Is this a big deal that in December of 2021? Things are a lot more positive than December of 2017. I think it really is beyond just the numbers. It's just kind of an idea of what microeconomics delivers to people in every industry, is that you see golf courses that are making money based off of people playing them. And they in turn turn all that money because they are a government entity. They're not taking this necessarily as a profit. They're turning it back into the golf course. There's a course down in New Mexico, Los Alamos county golf course that is taking all the money that they're getting. And what do they turn it into recently? They turn it into an automated driving range dispenser, they turn it into a handicapped golf cart, which they sorely needed, and they turn it into a new Wi-Fi communication system for their maintenance staff, which they badly needed. They needed it a decade ago. They're finally getting it now because their muni is delivering positive numbers. Numbers in the black. It's slow and steady. These improvements are coming. You have to continue to believe in muniz and compared to where we were four years ago. It is, to me, it's one of the most positive stories in all of golf. I feel inspired listening to you, Sean it, and I would go so far as to say that you're talking me into a potential golden age of the municipal golf course. Because you wrote an article about this that published this morning in golf dot com for a firm uni Monday series. And there were two things that really struck me..

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