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Hey everyone this is david chalian cnn political director and this is the daily dc thanks so much for listening today on the podcast our friday feature i'm joined in studio by my colleague cnn politics reporter towel copen who is the expert at cnn on all things immigration which is why i wanted to talk to her today thank you for being here thank you for having me so can we just start on the policy side where are we now after the executive order where it seems to me we're in a world of confusion and i'm hoping you can bring some clarity to the confusion i may have to disappoint you because they think confusion is actually where we are and that's you know that is the clarity for the american people i mean this executive order seems to have come together very quickly it was leaking out in the press before you know folks on the hill folks and even some of the components that i spoke to had any idea what it was going to be took few hours from when it was teased actually come out and immediately we in the media started asking questions about what does this mean what does this mean for the children of which there over two thousand that we know of who have already been separated from their parents what does it mean for those two thousand that we know of that's since win so this they've given us to numbers that don't line up so we have to do a little bit of estimating there were roughly two thousand from mid april through the end of may then last week they give us a new number that started from over about a month from may to june that overlaps with previous number but that had twenty three hundred children but we're talking the last two and a half months since mid april absolutely and so you know we started asking all these questions what does this mean how is this going to work what's going to happen you know if you don't get the court decision you want those types of questions and we really have not yet gotten good answers and in fact yesterday the department health and human services which cares for the children once they're separated put out a statement and several hours later blasted out a statement saying the earlier spokesman had misspoke and the spokesman say he basically said that right now that as of the executive order the unaccompanied children which is what they become when they're taken from their parents they're deemed unaccompanied and put into the existing systems for children who come here by themselves he said those will continue to be processed through the sponsorship process which means really you know i wrote extensively about this for cnncom but it's very difficult for parents to get those kids back even after they're done being prosecuted which is why supposedly they had to be separated later in the day they said he misspoke this one sentence you know the sponsorship process continues statement and yet the only new information was that they continue to try to work on giving greater clarity on what had these were awaiting guidance that's correct i mean that here's the president's executive order to solve this immediate problem of the ramifications of the euro tolerance policy that these children are being separated from families wants to solve that acute political problem because of all the images and audio on tv and yet you have his own department that's responsible for caring for these children saying they're waiting guidance and we're still waiting word for most of the department of homeland security about what it means for them this morning customs importer protection did put out some statement on reuniting the kids in their custody currently which is probably a very small number because they're supposed to transfer those kids quickly but it's still not clear from that statement how this is going to work going forward and those kids when they say that they're in their custody currently is that part of that twenty three hundred or different right so the way it works just to back up for a second once the zero tolerance policy went into place which again is entirely a decision by this administration to pursue this which means that each adult that crosses illegally is under goes under criminal prosecution right when that happens because they are transferred to the justice department they separated those families they said they had to one question raised by executive order is whether they had to in.

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