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I. B. C.. this. so how the cinnamon rolls. I'm sorry. sugar coma right now. holy cow so go our man farmer Ryan so sweet very loyal WBC listener brought a cinnamon rolls from his company is big as your head they are the size of your head y'all freedom of foods Indiana dot com. it's like this entire sheet of goodness sent from heaven and what Ryan does is it's like uber eats right to your door vegetables all sorts of stuff they'll send out renewal they'll make it specifically for you freedom foods Indiana dot com check it out say are awesome so good question for both of you because this is an actual thing that is happening there's going to be a new art exhibition that is going to be featured at the royal academy in London next year and part of the exhibit shin includes an entry way I one in which to human beings one male one female are standing naked facing each other so they're on there like in a doorway facing each other and the only way to get into the rest of the exhibition because of course this is part of it is to walk in between them and it's a tight squeeze and they're they're facing you like there that you are facing this others others yeah the walk through got it would you got weeds in between the two naked body squeeze to their Dingli dangling would you do this yeah I mean I probably do it. browse would do it if I wanted to go see the exhibit ID like whatever. yeah I mean and that what I do is I pilot the guy be like me and I point and laugh. you know what a laugh at him and ridicule them. it looks because I can't respect it's kind of like the guards right is what they call those guards in in in the U. K. this is it in Britain one of those the dead guys of the house yeah funny that allowed to make it if they can't make a basic you is that what the that's what these people are only there naked and I'm not at all guarding anything really any kind of people are they there. they're all right Ron German Roseanne Barr or is the Katy Perry. they're very very very average people yeah there is like there. average kind of hippie look and the average yeah hi Kelly average yeah why are we this art no yeah that's the thing that's another thing this is what's considered far now and in fact they've tested this out. has exhibition with the same idea back in seventy seven and the whole point of the exhibition was to quote propose a confrontation between nakedness gender sexuality and desire. back in that day the report is the sum of the audience stood back and couldn't quite handle it or bring themselves to go through the the doorway some went through some charge true through and then some and this is the category I would put robin went through a number of times. that would totally be wrong. so this is art and this is what we're supposed to all believe it is our. it's.

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