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News this hour rob how holed up about my bob agnew in washington a minnesota woman tells cnn center grabbed her from behind during a photo op in 2010 minnesota's fate pair this is the second reported in seem to come out in recent days the first involves los angeles broadcaster and tweeting last week she accused frank in a forcibly kissing her during a uso tour in two thousand six and of groping her these incidents reportedly occurred before franken was a us senator al franken apologized for the tweeting incidents and also has joined other senators in their calls for an ethics investigation into his behavior linda kenyon reporting this latest reported incident involves that lindsey man's reportedly occurred two years after frank and became a us senator luis have coverage that foot the bill for terrorist attacks just got longer today the united states as designating north korea as a state sponsor of terrorists president trump with the announcement this afternoon lead while the president promising us spectacular tax bill just in time for christmas the president said he and the gop led congress are on track to give the country a beautiful christmas present we're going to give the american people eight years sh tax cut for christmas eve praised house passage of a tax bill last week said he's very hopeful the senate would also approve of version if they do he said the tax overhaul will bring urgent relief to hard working families as greg clugston reporting from the white house perhaps the most iconic cult leader of the past century convicted killer charles manson has died in an ap interview back in 1990 done former prosecutor vincent bugliosi said that manson's followers did not view him as being crazy people don't fall on and same guy the new follow someone was very evil but not someone who's in silent the guy's crazy he had a lotta people following him very intelligent reasonably articulate they're not gonna follow him if he thinks he's lost total kant if they think he's lost total contact.

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