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You know what I'm prices. Paid us. He believed that John was Jewish. It's hardly enough to win a retrial, but then Doreen says, aloe drops a bombshell. It's been eleven long months for Doreen Giuliano desperately working to free. Her son from what she says is a wrongful murder conviction. She's playing private investigator undergoing a total transformation to a member of the jury, Jason allo. Now, after secretly recording him over dinner and drinks, the undercover mother finally gets what she thinks. She means. She says, if what aloe is saying is true, he should never have been on that jury because he knew some of her sons friends, his bragging, how he put this kid away. And unbelievable story of a mother trying to get her son out of jail, October two thousand eight news of Duran's exploits hit the media. This has to be put down on the record Nightline scores, an interview with aloe and his lawyer who denied the things Doreen claims. She caught on tape. Do you ever recall saying anything like I hate you? He would never say, can you tell me chasing? I'm not a prejudiced person. Can you ever remember saying I shouldn't have been in that jury. He doesn't remember saying more. Do you Jason ever? I don't. Did you commit perjury? Absolutely not. Were you lying to the judge when he asked you if you knew anything about this is ridiculous. This is the most ridiculous questions I've ever heard. He's questions are nothing but tidbits. This is a bunch of malarkey. I have the proof so now all's we gotta do is right emotion and submit it to the judge. But the judge denies their motion to vacate the conviction casting doubt on the reliability of her recordings. And saying, there was no evidence that allo intentionally lied even denounced arena for reckless and vigilante behavior. Is there any way that you're blinded by your mother's love and you're not seeing something about what happened that night? Look, it's the facts that drive me not a feeling or a hunch. It's the facts. Undeterred Doreen doubles down hiring a professional PI today into the prosecution's Dr. witness, John veto who testified that Djukic confessed to him while they were both in jail. But now a veto tells the PI he fabricated that whole story. I just want to. Not only recant in a sworn affidavit. He says, he lied to the prosecutors in exchange for what he says was a deal to keep him out of jail. Nicolosi dealings with John veto, reflect the worst in how a prosecutor can violate the rules in the years since the juca case that prosecutor has become the host of to crime shows on investigation discovery. One of them called true conviction. Let me take you inside the fight for Justice. Shit comes out and she says, you know, I've never lost a case. You know why? Because she's a cheater cheater during says, because she didn't disclose that apparent deal with the prison snitch who helped convict her son, Judas team files a new motion. And now prosecutor Nikolai Z takes the stand forcibly defending her own conviction saying she made no promises to Vida. Lie during the truck. Pointing to something specific or overall about anything and don't believe. So that's when it's the prison informants turned to testify again. But this time he apologizes to juca for lying. The judge. Shockingly upholds chickens, conviction, concluding that there was no deal with Vito Jamaica's team files an appeal. Finally, this been Maury Doreen gets the news. She so desperately hoping for a panel of four pellet, judges overturned his conviction finding that Nikolas E had helped a veto and should have told the defense way. One way one. I thought it was a miracle. How long is this person driven? Dear thirteen years? So you never took it down? No, he was on his way home to decorate the tree and he never made it home. And so you've kept the subs guests waiting waiting after thirteen grueling years Doreen is still waiting for her son to walk through that front door. The Brooklyn DA asking a judge to keep juca behind bars as they appeal the panel's decision and contemplate a retrial. To release. North to rand jail. If four judges all agreed that the trial was flawed, wouldn't it be logical that you send the guy hall? You know how much does guy have to suffer? I'm surprised that prosecutors are moving forward. With this case. I don't see how they're going to be able to prove it. Nikolas E and the current DA declined to speak with ABC news, but juca did. Would he surprise his mother with a phone call from inside Rikers. Did you have anything to do with the murder. I knew. What was your reaction when you found out the length that your mother went to to go undercover to try to get to the truth gone running on on how have. Hello? John. And

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