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It, and it could stop talking about it. It was such a well done business card. It was must have been vistaprint must have been love is different Michio, actually, my business cards from vistaprint. Com. We have a toasty code that. I didn't use because I got it before. But when I replenish because I've been giving him out hockey left and right actually, the need to redesign. This guy had like his face shaped like a circle emoji. I think his company wasn't emoji company, and you've got to get fit card. Yes. You gotta have to think law. I respect you. If you have like the shitty thin paper. No. Yeah. You gotta get like Vistaprint's, finance and you need like one word on one side of the card. You know, like, yeah. Like creative. And then they they're like, what is she creative urges premium premium. It's like though, like she's almost like celebrity for a photo moment where you're like scared. It's also accounting or business card to someone like it's is incredibly thirsty thing to do. And you just have to own it, you know, business cards because you know, I've always been like a little business lady even young and literally now like sometimes I'll meet people my parents age, and they're like what to follow your stuff. Do you have a card, and I'm like, you know, just got your kids follow me on Instagram because I feel like no might I need someone being like I want to follow. You do you have a car? Do you have a car? That's like the person who shouldn't be. I know speaking of that real quick, you did you have to show me how to like use my phone for good and not evil. Literally yesterday, you paid in the cab. I felt like an eighty year old lady going out with y'all because y'all just hasn't things on your phone. I didn't know bolts stick with me. I will vistaprint wants you to be able to own the now in any situation, which honestly have really hard time doing our listeners are getting five hundred high quality custom business cards starting at nine dollars and ninety nine cents. Usd code toast at vistaprint dot com that is code toast at vistaprint dot com toast at I'm doing that..

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