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Com. Kinda love that name guys. I kinda love to elect long. That's pretty memorable. Caroline long is a first time candidate, and she's challenging another woman Republican incumbent. Jaime Herrera Butler while the. Race leads Republican in the open primary more Democrats voted than Republicans, which makes this race much more competitive than was originally believed. And Caroline is a fighter who works for working families and group in a rural coastal community where her mother worked as a waitress and her father worked odd jobs and started a small produce business. And she started working at the store when she was twelve years old to help her family make ends meet. So she worked her way through college with a union job. Go unions, go you out to unions good union union at a grocery store, and then she went on to earn her PHD in political science. She's an accomplished professor who has written two books on constitutional law has worked at Washington state university Vancouver for more than two decades as a tenured professor and in administrative leadership positions and kind of felt the call to public duty and the civic duty. And she's running for office for the first time to stand up for Washington state, working families and to defend American values. As they come under attack. Like never before. She's great. She's also Jaime Herrera, Butler used to work, I believe, for another congresswoman from Washington state and hurt her opponent long's opponent, and she's a kind of an enemy of of choice as most Republicans are. Now, they're very few pro-choice Republicans, but Caroline long is is a democratic challenger to somebody who is very openly anti-choice. So she somebody that definitely deserves their support grace. Let's talk about your candidate. Well, let's talk about another first time Canada over here. First time candidate. Cherise, David's who is the democratic shallan would democratic challenger in Kansas third district, and you can find out more about her at cherise for congress dot com. So she is challenging Republican, Kevin Yoder, and if she is elected, she is a triple threat here if elected, she's going to be the first native American woman in congress, the first openly gay person from Kansas congressional delegation and the first woman to represent her district that show she wins. She just gonna like run around the district in circles. Just being like, oh, I'm in. I'm throwing her parade comes Queen of the district. She the district. So the race right now is a tossup. It's leaning slightly in favor of her opponent. However, Yoder is the most vulnerable house encumbent in Kansas, Kansas women, Amman Kansas. So cherise was raised by a single mother who is also US army veteran in Leavenworth and as a member of the ho-chunk nation. Cherise could make history again as the first thing that American woman elected in congress. So a little bit about her background. She graduated from law school and then worked for law firm in Kansas City specifically on issues, including economic development for native American tribes. She then went on to live and work on the pine ridge Indian reservation and she served as a White House fellow during the final year of the Obama administration. This is one of my favorite things about her. Most recently, she hosted a podcast that she called starting pants. Oh, I love that. It's so much and it's called starting pants because she interviewed entrepreneur. And investors. Also guys, this woman just keeps getting cooler. She's also competed in MMA tournaments. Yeah, mixed martial arts tournaments fighting both professionally and as an amateur both categories. Oh my God. It's awesome. She's cool. Also, I one quick note the pine ridge Indian reservation in South Dakota is one of the most economically depressed places in the country, and it's really, really something that needs smart people like her working on helping advance. So it's really cool that she did that also like she's an MA fighter. So she could literally kick off are totally literally and figuratively. I mean, she's go groceries. My candidate is Angie Craig. She is the democratic challenger in Minnesota's. Second district, Minnesota, Minnesota, Minnesota. That's the near my home stomping grounds. I'm from the minutes kansin region, right between Minnesota Wisconsin. Angie's website is Angie Craig dot com..

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