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And the fact that matter is because I was doing what I was doing at such a young age. And I was so successful in my own right that people believe that there was a method to my madness. So why would they question me? Right? I had already been really good at such exactly and there was right. There was no accountability. Didn't have like a 9 to 5 job where I went to and checked in, and a boss looked at my eyes and my behaviors every day. My team manager was in Santa Barbara, California and I would call him You know, from a pay phone after I put in $5 worth of quarters. I'm really dating myself, You know, and I didn't have to come in when the street lights were on and as a matter of fact. Skateboarding raised me because my father was around just enough to let me know that he wasn't around. He was a pretty unsavory kind of fella. He taught me. One thing is when I go to prison, how to conduct myself and he ran with the Hell's Angels. My mother ultimately became a nuclear physicist on the board of Mercy Hospital. But while she was working her way up the ladder to become that successful employee of murky You know, my my mother, My brother and my sister did everything they could to kind of keep me out of the wrath of my father. So what that looked like his niece Skateboarding day and night and therefore there was no one Kind of monitoring my day to day behavior Successes lack thereof. So it was really easy to become like the obsessed skateboarder 100% into it, too. Went. When did it become? Okay? This is me. I'm addicted to narcotics. And this is just me. This is how I roll like, Yeah, that Z that looks like at the age of 17. When I was right after I was given that ultimatum on that skateboarding tour and I quit. Around three months later. That was almost ended age 16 around three months later. I just started 17 and one day my mother. My girlfriend comes to me and they said Brandon, we have a great idea, and I said, What's that? And they said, We want you to go to treatment. And now I just turn down that opportunity from my idol, Tony Hawk. Why would I take it now? But again, In retrospect, my life lived forward Learned back was I can look back and see what was happening at the time. I could not. But my perspective and my perception of my situation in my reality were completely minimized at that time due to the disease of my addiction today, I could see it. And what I did was I walked into that. I said, You know what? That's a great idea. I have the time be out reports instead, Treatment center and I report back to my mother. My girlfriends. Why I'm not those people. Nor will I ever be. This is simply an overreaction. At best. You just called me the bad time on a bad way in a bad day. So that was at the age of 17. I had the privilege to entering my first facility. That's what I knew that, like, you know, Skateboarding wasn't really something that I was concerned or cared about anymore. Now what my priority concern was was proving a point to my mother. My girlfriends. Why I could use successfully without repercussions, and hopefully they'll just get off my back. Right. And Brandon Tony Hawk probably would have sent you to the best treatment center in the nation of the time, right? Which ones do he did? Yeah, he he would have and and and due to my own, you know, knowing would touch me. I ended up and, uh, in a facility in Baltimore City that took minor 70 way have out manner way have exactly where wise I know it. I do it. Shut up. That's it, girl. Okay, we have a way. Have a caller who has a question. Mark is on the line. Mark, you're talking to Brandon. No back. What is your question? How are you? Congratulations. First of all, for overcoming Thank you, my brother. I appreciate that. Yes. Um, there was substance abuse in my entire family inside my home when I was growing up. It was a generational thing passed down from generation to generation. Like you had an aspiration to be something you used the gift that the Lord had given me as an artist as a creator as a musician as a painter and those types of things and I saw That members of my family who had been accepted to Ivy League colleges, and it were on their past, the success had ruined themselves. Because they had just done one too many of those things that ruined their brains and, uh, you know, although it when I was going through high school and all that, and of course, there's a lot of peer pressure that comes with that. In other words, you got to do this. You gotta get hide or else you're not cool. You're not part of the group and you're gonna be ostracized because You look down on if you're straight, But you see, I never looked at it that way. Because I knew by seeing the people around me were doing that. And they were failing because they thought that when they were under the influence that they would have, like what I would call delusions of grandeur. They would always talk about the things that they could do when they were under the influence. But at the same time once they crashed back down, and we're back to square one. They couldn't really do anything. And so what I would say to you know, first of all your story. Terrific example on duh. You know, I was in front of me all the time, and it took some willpower for me to turn away from that and not do that, because I knew that at the end of the day it was going to be unhealthy for me. It was gonna stunt my ability to be what I wanted to be. And, uh, I would say for anyone that's listening to you and tell your story and for anyone that's listening out there. They should understand that you caving into the peer pressure is not the solution. The solution is to walk away and those around that person who want to poke fun at them or be little them because they didn't cave into the peer pressure. Those the ones that should understand there's a stronger person for walking away. Sometimes it takes a stronger person to say Hey, you know, I'm not gonna put myself involved with that because I have goals in life. And the people around me. They're not accomplishing what they want to accomplish. And so therefore I'm not going to do what they're going to do, because that's only going to start my ability. Mark. Mark, Thank you so much Mark for your wise words. There have really appreciate your calling in Brandon, What was the what? What? What was the Ah ha moment for years ago. There. There, there. Honestly, this story is long and it varies and, um, you know from from that successful thing of being that skateboarder, then I end up in these movies, Jackass and I end up on the TV shows people Obama and then I become a New York Times selling author who had written autobiography Addiction memoir, So so, just with that got that close talking about the delusions of grandeur I suffered from that, but the scary part is is that I was able to still do successful things. While under the influence, so that made it even really harder for me to grant the reality of my situation or the severity of my disease of addiction, and I had attempted many times to get sober. You're talking to a guy who's been in 13 in patient treatment center. I've lost count of outpatients and detox is Mother had bought me a plot. People take life insurance policies out on me. I ended up on life support for seven days. My mother is sold three homes. The plan to get me to go to two different treatment centers, Medevac forever Hassles and forever States and four different overdoses at the very end of my drinking and drugging career At the age of 38. I found myself as a homeless heroin addict who resides on the corner of Eastern.

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