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Help life go right what's made a change at villanova but when they were in the tournament every year and they were three seat or two seat when you're there one cd seemed to always be a little bit of a disappointment and now over the last four years five years they are like you said john their blueblood well again if we're going to be fair they lost in the second round in fourteen fifteen got over the hump and sixteen won the whole thing last year lost in the second round to but you know you can obviously absorb those types of losses if you go to two final fours years and jay wright also went in two thousand nine so we have now three times in ten years one national champion guys you know to me they're the favourite this weekend yeah i look i'll tell you what i mean look i i'd like to see what it would be very it's gonna be it'd be very tough if nobody plays loyal some ally beats michigan loyola plays over it'd be very tough for me to route neck game 'cause i'd love to see lila win but i really like no vinci right now he's like nova going back to when i was a kid growing up i mean they got tremendous history you know well before ed pick the maclean's in nineteen eightyfive so i'd like to see that but you're right they have now become a premier program how did they do it because i mean joe's right it not like they don't have a history they had the great ryan eightyfive where the ultimate under i've got a couple of championships even done anything but now you're talking about it almost feels like there are one or two every year we are now with that retention especially player attention is very difficult right now with the way that you can kentucky recruit so of duke and kentucky are continuously putting the new teams on an annual basis and it's not the duke team that we remember with rettig and sheldon williams those teams couple years it's harder to go further and the nc double a tournament and this is another thing that i wrote today dukes loss again further reiterates the fact that you can't win a national championship.

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