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To our number two of jilin money yet again for thanksgiving i am because i don't have to do anything hey listen if i'm going to have the black sheep status of the family then i got to get some of the benefits to now hardly but uh you know they ended up uh hey you know so amazing when you cut an interview with somebody and then all of a sudden the guys all over the press it so awesome that's what happened to us we interviewed author scott galloway he's a professor ended author he wrote a book called the four the hidden dna of amazon facebook and google uh and these companies coming under scrutiny on a daily basis and when you hear what distinguishes them from all their competition it's going to blow your mind that's what i can tell you so here is our to review with scott alloway author of the for the hidden dna of amazon apple facebook and google i wanted to start talking about this by going sort of towards the end of the book sure and reading something that i hope you can explain what you say it's never been a better time to be exceptional or a worse time to be average that's one of the major effects of the disruptive environment created by the rise of the lottery economy where in digital technology creates a single market in which one leader can capture the overwhelming majority of gains talk a little bit about that what are these gains these four companies doing that art is giving them an outside share of the economy sure so if you the epicenter for this lottery economy if you were to try to identify one and it's our fault it's just been so successful as amazon whose check the compact between the markets in companies and shareholders in that it's never been profitable are exceptionally profitable yet its stock has skyrocketed and because of that it has access to cheaper capital wild porn all their money back into the business are offering the lowest price baath this is snaked all the way back into the private company ecosystem and i'm meant starting companies at venture backed companies for quartercentury now when i first started a minute the kind of the.

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