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Linton rephrase that question in the united states. Windmill is a metal tower with a windmill. At the top of. It looks like something like he'd fall off at the feroz project it. We don't have building drive. Where do you. Where do you house the the stones they don't far as i know they don't grind things. They pump water. We don't need to. I'm pam so the only windmills. I've ever seen in my entire life in the united states and hundreds of them are all so when i see something like that. I think holland. I don't think britain. I think holland because that's got that sort of. I dunno some reason. I associate with holland so when you see jonathan creek you go. That's a unique place to live. But i mean if they're all over the place maybe it's not so you can do. They're not they're not all the same. Then all the same you get paul mills and talent meals so essentially it depends on which part of the you your your sweeps have to face the wind. And so they have to rotate be the same as your your metal things. And so the difference is how much of the windmill rotates and it could just be. The topic rotates wanna tannehill or it could be that essentially the whole windmill rotates on a on a fixed poll Obviously then we did not go different different types of of mail different designs of each type of meal. But yeah whether it is. Jonathan creeks actual windmill. Don didn't think it looked like it. But you know. I just kind of soom. There was only one that they would use for location footage. But the inside. It just made me think this is a. This is a kind of eccentric english. Avengers lands hyper locations. Us know announcing benches. they did up. See you when i check that one did turn out to be the new avengers of new ventures. It was house of cards. So maybe not quite the avengers. But it's not. It's not style thing it's not. It's not notion of being innovative unusual kind of building. Let's blackmail and remote control their outline from office or somewhere house. Let's be in some kind of real iconic eccentric british show. Yeah there's there's once again. No doubt that that is it does have a it does have a very british feel to this. See that's what the avengers has. But of course perhaps british field is defined by the avengers to america. It's hard to say it's a type of type of english this that doesn't exist but say it isn't so well i mean just in the same way that the world of pg woodhouse susan kind of time in the english nece that doesn't exist never date but not not that's partly why windings things knowing. Up in the first place but actually kind of longevity because they don't date not actually being located in real time in the first place is an interesting thought is that this one is going to date. This show will date well. It can't help century on. And i'm still. Yeah.

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