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You haven't spent time with have been in contact with in some time these air just foundational points and I'll just close with this. None of us. None of us want to see education virtualized. At least I don't know. Some folks perhaps may think that's a better approach. I believe profoundly. In the power of individuals and the cohort on the connectedness of being engaged with others and learning to develop yourselves, not just intellectually but emotionally on maturing. In ways where I respectfully submit eyes difficult when you're doing it on line that said the one thing we have the power to do. To get our kids back into school is look at this list again. Wear a mask. Physically, distance washed your hands minimize the Mexico the more we do. On this list. Can we do it at scale? The quicker all those county's going to come off that monitor unless we're going to mitigate the spread of this virus, and those kids are back in school, so if that's your top priority, it's certainly mine. Then it's incumbent upon us to practice not just what some of us preach but to practice. What we preach is individuals that desire to see our kids go back to model the behavior. That we know. Committed gate spread model the behavior that can actually extinguish this virus. I saw one study. I don't wanna get into the details. But if every American aura masks in just a number of weeks I'll have dramatically bent the curve. I don't know. But that's too much to ask, though I recognized these air, not the most comfortable things and often attractive things to wear. But what's more unattractive. What's more uncomfortable? Is not taking care of the needs of our small business and our most precious resource our Children, and that's why this list and your individual acts can make a profound impact and move us in a much more expedited manner towards our ultimate goal of getting every one of our kids back in the classroom, getting every one of our small businesses. Up and running again and getting us back to a semblance of normalcy that off us desperately look for too long for and will once again. Enjoy. Uh, if again we attend to these basic and foundational and fundamental principles, So with that I always encourage you to learn more. On go to that covert 19 dot see a dot Gov website and I encourage you to go to that website to learn more about these continuity plans that are also required. In our public education system. We call him local continuity attendance plans on the vernacular that's well known in the education system. We talk about El Cap plans way air now adopting those in a covert 19 environment to consider the spread. On DH. Consider this disease and its spread in light of some of those local plants. Those have to go up on well. The public and go up on site where you have is a parent As someone who cares about this issue. You have access to that information. Ah, lot of that information again, Always being aggregated. On our cove in 19 Nazi website. So again, we have Dr Galley a dad, a pediatrician who's available for any questions we have. Uh, Linda, Darling Hammond, and if you don't know her as her formal role, she's also one of our nation's leading educational experts. The reason she was appointed to this position. We're blessed to have her as she's also available to answer any questions on then you have a governor with four kids. Is also available to answer any questions. Ricardo Connell matters. Thank you, Governor. There seems to be some skepticism from parents over the quality of this morning that they're going to receive just given the way things played.

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