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At eight o'clock. Good morning. I'm Joe Bartlett house. Democrats moving to put pressure on President Trump and Senate Republicans, Dan the government shutdown house last night passed a pair of democratic bills to fund the government neither Bill codes money for the wall that the president wants. So it looks like the shutdown will continue Trump says he's ready to compromise. But it looks like many of these incoming Democrats are ready for a fight new video surfacing overnight appears to show freshman congresswoman Rashida to leave of Michigan calling for President Trump's impeachment calling him an expedition. That's according to several reporters in the room in video tweeted by John Levin of the rat. As Democrats outline their priorities in the house, including protecting Robert Muller's investigation and ObamaCare. That's correspondent Sankara Keach will have more on that story. Coming up with Len Berman and Michael Riedel. It's part of their big three no fifteen months shutdown ABI L subway line for repairs. Governor Cuomo says instead of digging up the old electrical lines, they'll just lay new ones and people seem pleased with that. It's a really really good. It's better. Actually, I feel a lot better. If they don't. Like, I really does affect ought to be the new approaches not ever been tried in the US, but it will still require some partial shutdowns former campaign worker for governor Murphy planning to sue the state of New Jersey. Katie Brennan says top state officials ignored her rape allegation. Murphy campaign, volunteer when she claims Al Alvarez raped her after a gathering of campaign staffers in April twenty seventeen Alvarez rose from campaign staffer to the chief of staff at the schools development authority. Well, Brennan tried and failed to pursue criminal charges. And then shared her allegation with administration officials Alliston Rosie needs seven ten wwl. New York City's crackdown on Airbnb has been stopped by a judge. Just law was set to go into effect next month, and it requires Airbnb and similar companies to give the city detailed data. Enlisting and addresses of hosts the city argues home sharing companies are turning homes into illegal hotels. However, a judge says law would violate constitutional rights against illegal searches. So the judge put a temporary stop on the new. Law while this lawsuit filed by Airbnb plays out. I'm Scott Pringle for seven ten double the OR futures pointing higher start on Wall Street after a six hundred point in the drop in the Dow yesterday correspondent, Rebecca Jarvis scissors. A jobs report coming out today that could influence trade says what everyone cares about some people have 4._0._1._K's retirement savings accounts about half of Americans have any kind of money in the stock market right now, but jobs are key their fundamental if you have a job if your wages are rising. That's what's on people's mind. And that's what we're going to get later today report will be out in less than half an hour right now time for traffic.

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