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I said this at the time in any of the podcast, but it's always the touchstone that comes to mind when I watched the scene is when you're on in all of the other iron islanders are just like marching single file rounding that corner to go and look for the on yard just reminds me of mama for tally and her children and the goonies just like storming through the cave. Just such a weird walk. What a weird little thing. That is happening. I agree. I think it's a little. Low budget in terms of like, this is the the cabinet of your on great joy, realizing that they've been had for like all these like, reckless chaotic iron islanders. They really fall in line. Literally, like, it's very impressive feat for them to all be just like uniformly single file, very orderly. Right. Like they have like twenty guys, and they were all at the. Drowning of your on great joy. And then it was like nobody else was on duty that day. Right. Their ships, and then left the keys in the ships. And then the Yarra just show up take them all and then leave them high dry just bail. Yeah. And so you're you're on is telling these people like all, right? So they're gone. They took a lot of ships. But if you can build me thousand ships, I can give you the world doesn't ships is does seem like a lot of ships a lot of ships, especially in like the amount of time that it seems that they build them. Yes. Maybe you're on is also the innovator of some sort of ship assembly line. Yeah. I can see that. Yeah. Okay. All right. Let's go and check in advice doth rack where Danny is meeting with Giora and Dario following last week's big blaze. And so she's like Giora. I don't know what to do with you. Yeah. I mean, you saved me..

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