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Activity the sprinkler activation in the apartment building a mess just seven was westbound near fourth street northwest you're not able to get by staying to the left I'm Joe come we don't get to have a traffic now here's your storm team four four day forecast with Matt returning as it is mostly cloudy now it's gonna stay that way heading into the evening temperatures on the mild side right now low to mid sixties and cloudy skies for tonight that'll keep it from getting as cold as last night no frost or freeze concerns tonight with lows in the mid to upper forties could be a few light showers sneaking up on north could make it this far north maybe some areas like Culpeper county in Stafford county and southern Maryland most of us will stay dry tonight same scenario for tomorrow mostly cloudy mild seasonal with highs in the mid to upper sixties but a couple of light showers could still sneak into the same areas tomorrow during the day but again most of us when I get rained on but Tuesday breezy and warmer some sunshine in the morning clouds be increasing in the afternoon ahead of a strong cold front coming down from the northwest that'll bring us a couple stray showers and possibly even a thunderstorm later in the day I see the mid sixties to near seventy and then Wednesday will be on the other side of the front Mr Klausen sun breezy and cooler highs near sixty sixty five degrees right now in Fairfax sixty one in Hightstown in at sixty two in northwest DC okay man it's three fifty one now the latest on the corona virus pandemic within twenty four thousand people have tested positive in Virginia Maryland and DC Charles county Maryland there are one hundred one known cases of the corona virus in nursing homes and assisted living facilities worldwide the outbreak has killed more than one hundred sixty thousand people in the U. S. there are thirty three thousand deaths in president trump's Saturday coronavirus task force briefing at the White House he said several states will re open part of their economies as early as tomorrow but on CNN today Virginia governor Ralph Northam pushed back on.

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