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Welcome to horrible decisions. I'm using he girl. Mandy aka tripod mommy aka full-court post aka debt beach. I gotta say i ain't gonna hold. I'm dropping it. I'm not pegging at all like it's not even going to ever be an option in the relationship now and yeah but now i also just don't like so my man is telling people he's with me. I think it's just being brought up to him. That i'd be pegging people so he's just like truth. I mean people call me a white guy. Fucker had one in like a year. That is true. You were fucking dick. You're right they still call you guy fucker people just like i don't know why maybe people they used to listen to that. Don't listen anywhere. But like i'm forever a white guy fucker and i'm like damn i'm a fucking minute. I lost virginia's blackman. I've only been in like two relationships. The white guys out of seventeen boyfriend we all know. I bet many grapevine. I guess i'll still the pay. I think what happened was when we started the show. I was on a white guy run. You really was for like the first year and a half of the shop was doing it. Like i was getting paid for it. Were you paint this white guys like this. Like when i moved to the some of you know we're from florida orlando veras thing now. I'm not gonna lie. I like we're from. Florida is like fuck but you know there when it was a blue state and i just wanted to say voted for a rama. Oh i voted for obama salim. That's what it was blue. Oh okay but yeah. I mean i don't know when i moved to new york is different ways accents and shit. They look different. They weren't racist. But anyway now even when i was getting my makeup done. They're still in year one so they're like bringing up twenty four seven and lawyer ban just like they please. They're like yeah in loverboy they were bringing up and was like y'all need to keep design workplace bucking for sent me a picture or something the other day it was like a and i'm like why are you got it for me. I was like i forgot. You know you over in the cool. I like being at that place. When you're so cool. No i wanna do blame cheesy and gucci for making me sick. Here's why jesus from mexico by the way if no one i've been in mexico city before but never like this. Maybe because i was always on some party shit but since you know kobe's happening stuck close early all i was able to do is eat into art. I've never had better food in my life. That mexico city tokyo peres. Nothing is in mexico city. I didn't even know they had some of the best restaurants in the world The the amount of money you spend on food for the quality of ingredients is like dark. I was in shock. I mean i had every fucking meal it was so good anyway. Maybe that's why. I threw it up so anyway gucci happened right. I'm solely i hire. I hire i call my weed guy. He brings me this. We'd say kief you guys have ever heard of this at some weed crack shades. Crystallized spent rounded up a little later berry oil business. Okay this already sounds crash. This is crazy shit. And he's latino. He's not even white like i felt like it was okay but it's not okay. I smoke weed over and over. 'cause i'm fucking taking instagram. But he was at this point. Why your trip. I fucking. I wake up at two o'clock in the morning and i'm projectile vomiting. And if you remember this having to be one bro was crazy. I couldn't believe how far my throw of cargo trigger warning throat. Well here it is bitch. The throat went so far it went to another room. I got it was crazy. joe hail. Now here's the worst part. He knows you're feeling both of it. Come out of the same time. We feel both of what come out at the same way. It was coming out. Show the more i threw up all the more initiate. Who's coming out and it you know but yeah this is that we're starting the got episode would just sit on ourselves. Mind your minor and thank god. I'm alone right. But i'll i can tell you. Is this nigga carpet. And she's just droid. And what do i know. How much is carpet. 'cause like fifteen hundred dollar carpet and i could see the throat on it and i remember throwing up in a toilet looking at the credit on the another room. It's gonna come out is gonna come out it's gonna come out. Everyone knows how much old bay loves his apartment and how neat and tidy years in particular us about the bro. There's baking soda on it right now. It was two days ago. I'm mike i can tell you is violent illness like bat. My stomach is amazing. Right now but i had no energy and we had a shoot yesterday. I couldn't even talk. Couldn't it was crazy. When you're like super dehydrated at a half a banana. Yesterday i had one bite of it to start. And whoever did i make was marcus. He's like good good. I go. I was got them sucking. Now hawks tail balls like could smelly it now. I got tested for kobe yesterday right today so i got tested yesterday. I walk up. I was like everybody. I've got it so just you. I have it and i didn't want to cancel the shoot until i figured out about it or not so she tests me and i was like ohio there. I don't care if it hurts. I really think. I have. And i need to know 'cause i'm going to be around people to right. She tests negative. And i'm like something's wrong. You guys are getting false. Negative go back in there so now they're laughing at this point and one of the dues that was working in the tent. Those horrible decisions. He's like damn you want to get in. I will i. I was about to say i'm waiting. I'm actually booked a flight to florida for not only a baby shower but just to see my family for the holidays. And i'm about to go get tested for the antibodies. 'cause y'all i tested for for those of you watching and i know we made plans to get in the studio. Oh god last month. But i literally tested positive for a month straight. I was going weekly because my other park. Has we do literally every monday and they was like. We don't care that you don't have symptoms like you have to do negative and then of course in the middle of that then. Joe gets positive. So even though i'm still waiting on my negative joe is positive so that we really can't fucking go to the studio and i just want anyone out there even if you don't have symptoms like i said i had no symptoms the whole time and i literally tested positive for an entire month straight like i took a total of five tests and it wasn't until the fifth test that i even fucking a negative. So just go get tested but also it's hard because yeah like you said you and rory sound the same. Y'all are both convinced that y'all have it because because no one could be sick anymore and it's not coach today right. There was a little bit of a line. And i was skip design bitch. I got it so i walked right up tonight. I can't be around. you got the go. But it's like everything like i was on live. The other day in a bitch was trying to hold in a call so long i swear to god. I didn't want to call because so much. Kobe jokes already. I'm alive and i'm like y'all got to call a company but i just swallowed by spirit wrong. But they're going to be like. Oh na irregular sick. I honestly literally i thought i had food poisoning. I had we know. Thc poisoning is cannabis stumped me always you could get. It was real yes. C h s. We'd cana- canada book. Cannabinoid hyper mesa syndrome. I have basically means you've had too much weed. And that's the projectile vomit shit and it's all well that happened with edible. Oh yeah mostly happens from all margai the so during during quarantine. This is when i was just like i'm stuck in my house. Who gave me too. God damn we look. I wanna homegrown destiny. And i told her she killed me. But i got the we play edible and i was just watching tv.

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