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Phoenix Fire Chief Caracol Brenner honoring not only the 343 firefighters lost on 9 11, but the many others who continue to pass away due to its lasting impacts. So many more that fateful day continue to die with cancer related illnesses they contracted during their exposures while they were on the pile of saving others live in the new center. I'm Ali They are news 19 years ago. Today, Mike McAvoy lost his brother John, and best friend Jimmy during the 9 11 terror attacks. But he tells Katya is Mike Broom head. The biggest loss was suffered by their Children. And you know what? My brother had a son and daughter, You know, my best friend had a son and daughter and they were his son. His son is very young for into my brother's kids were just a little older and I didn't get to truly have this great person is bad. McEvoy's brother was a New York City firefighter who was off duty at the time of the attack but who rushed to ground zero to help his best friend was working at the World Trade Center. State superintendent of public instruction, Kathy Hoffman says September is suicide prevention Month in Arizona school. Together we can reduce the stigma around mental health and we can ensure that every child in a dull in our schools feel safe, healthy and supported. Suicide is already the leading cause of death for Arizonans. 10 to 14 years old Hoffman says she's concerned the ongoing pandemic. Will make things even worse. Arizona votes Arizona Does it very well with less than a month before ballots were mailed out, Governor do see expresses confidence about our mail in ballot system is Griselda City. No. Joins us live with Mohr Griselda, the governor says Voting by mail is nothing new for us. Arizona has been doing this since. 1992 this's nearly two decades, 20 years with improvements and reforms every year, and it's the preferred method of voting for many Arizonans in the last election cycle, 78% of Arizonans voted by mail the governor, also saying with an expected high border turnout and the amount of states trying out voting by mail for the first time, it's highly likely that a winner will not be announced on the evening of November. 3rd. Reporting live. I'm Griselda City. No, Katie Our news A federal judge has ruled that Arizona voters who forget to sign their early ballots before mailing the man will get up to five days after the election to fix the problem. Thursday's U. S. District Court ruling sided with state and federal Democrat groups who argued that ballots with mismatched signatures it five days to be fixed, so on signed ballots should get the same consideration. Presidential race in Arizona is about as close as it gets, especially among older voters. A new survey from AARP found that of likely Arizona voters, 50 and older former vice President Joe Biden leads President Trump 49 to 48%, however, but still within the 2.5% margin of error. Alex Suarez with AARP says voters 50 plus are watching and they're expecting the candidates to lay out their solutions for protecting he issues for them, such as Medicare. Social Security and lowering of prescription drug prices. This is a crucial voting bloc making up 64% of all Arizona voters in 2018 Taylor Kenner up Katya are news. You know, she's no longer trying to put out fires in the Trump White House, but former press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders Does have some advice for her former boss, Sandra Styles. Arizona's morning news if she were advising the president on howto message between now and election Day. The biggest issues that we've seen and poll after poll across the country is law and order, and the president has been very strong on that and certainly I think that puts him in a good position for November. Sanders also thinks President Trump should focus on the economy, adding he's rebuilt at once. And is able to do it again. Maricopa County Sheriff's deputy finds himself on the wrong side of the law. Deputy Salvador crevices excused of stalking employees of the city of campy and the Tempe Police Department. Tempe Police in the U. S Marshals Task Force arrested Cuevas in the town of Maricopa yesterday, faces stalking and domestic violence charges..

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