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I'm a kind of invested in him. But it was nice to see him at the start in an play the arguably the most difficult or at least most important position on the line protecting the quarterback's blindside as a left tackle so it was a new. A new line and in didn't play Obviously brandon play. Even fryer meath was out so you know and yeah he had. He had a clay pool in. They're incapable I think he's going to be a stud. But still you're limited as far as as far as your starters and that's just a mason rudolph the other to the other guys haskins dogs. They had as far as i can remember all reserves. Were in there by the time they got in. So you're judging these guys based on that and the fact that you have to factor that in. I should say when you're judging these guys and you have to factor in in the fact that that there's no real game plan in preseason. You know they're not you know when you're talking about a game plan for for an offensive coordinator for example. It's not just about calling specific plays. It's about calling place based on what you think. A work against Whether with a defensive doing as far as formation they're weak spots they're weaklings and you're building went playoff of another. You're you're You're trying to find a rhythm trying to find cohesion and you really don't get a whole lot of that when it comes to to preseason football. It's it's mainly about what the coaches want to see as far as individual players. Not so much. What what they want to see as far as what could work to be an opposing defense. So it's hard to really judge a backup quarterbacks in preseason game but you have to and i don't know if any of these guys are going to really stand out over these next three games but It's gonna be interesting to see if what if one does and if he does stand out whether it's rude off or or or haskins or even dobbs if that factors into the coach's decision as far as who's going to be the backup in twenty twenty one who's going to get cut and we all soon rudolph's going to make the team. But is he gonna make the team and beat a third stringer. Is he gonna make the team. Back up Ores haskins gonna take his job in the back The number two based on performance and pedigree 'cause we got the factor then he's the first round pick you know that that means a lot especially early the player's career Coached might say they don't they. Don't evaluate these guys. They don't weigh in their draft status. But come on. They you know they do. I mean first round picks get get more. Chances didn't undrafted free agents for a reason to sum that up. I think the. I don't think any of the quarterbacks were great or horrible. They were in between so as far as the defense To echo the sentiments of many the inside linebackers looked pretty bad with the exception of buddy johnson the rookie fourth round pick from texas. Am especially in pass coverage. I'm talking about the ones who didn't show out. Roberts spelane yuji three marcus allen but you have to remember you know. There's a reason why the defense looked Suspect after ryan says your got hurt. There's a reason why they were so aggressive. Two years ago in trading up in drafting devin bush in the top in with the tenth. Pick of the twenty nine thousand nine hundred draft s. because at inside linebacker of that caliber make such a big difference for for a defense especially in the middle of the field. They do so much of the heavy lifting. And you know when you're talking about decent Sort of underdog players the lunch pail type players which is like what robert splaine represents that blue collar guy mexican reading. Bill cowers book right now as a throughout the week. I've been reading. It's really really good book by the way. And he was. That kind of plays a roberts filleting kinda kinda player undrafted free agent and he had to basically you know absorbed to play ball can rely on his on his instincts said try to you. Know make up for his lack of overall natural talent so but he could be bill cower. It's never going to be the best linebacker on seem. You might might have been the most versatile he could play all the positions. But he's never going to be the best one. So when you when you're talking about a team defense you know if you're if you're in there and robert splaine in alan those guys they were in there without you know. Mika fitzpatrick opposite. Tj what arguably the best defensive player in the nfl right. Now cam hayward. I don't think to play play today. So you know you're without all those players that would pick up a lot of a lot of special demonstration. The middle of the field would pick up a lot of slack and do a of heavy lifting. And if you're one of those kind of blue collar lunch pill defenders you can just excel at what you do best. We saw for many years. With with vince williams. He was so much better when he was alongside or shazia or even ten minutes because those guys are such so athletic they allowed a thumper like williams and do his thing which was playing run in and the last few years getting after the quarterback. So you know. It's hard to evaluate spain or or you even you d three. Although i think yes back guy has to show eventually because people keep talking about how great of an athlete he is but he really hasn't laughed at this point he's been hit heard a lot..

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