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I like that pick as all corner, and John Williams, who is six three can play press, do whatever they want their defense interchangeable parts. And again their schedule sets up. They have their toughest games. I believe chiefs at home right us at home. Cowboys at home every at home, they're going to be thirteen and three and four have home field throughout and the only team chiefs on the team. I think they can go to can't go to New England in late January with Pam Mahomes and even compete compete in that game. Well, we'll see what the colts morph into, if they can maybe take even another quantum leap forward, the quantum leap that they nobody saw coming. They've got another one in them. I'm I'm willing to see that. I'm willing to see what the chargers can do. There's always a surprise team. I don't know which one it is the Steelers, minus bell and Brown. They're going to be able to use the nobody believes in his car. A never able to us and we got Joe manganiello coming up in studio in our number three to discuss that thrones. You know what about the Rams? What about what we saw from the Rams that they that they couldn't score on the patriots? But if given another chance. A mulligan with another round of McVeigh injecting his genius into the equation. What do you think here? Appreciate McVay midday. He over prepared for that game. It was totally obvious. They just. They looked like they had. They just were too confused on what's happening. I like the Cowboys in the NFC I told you that Brockman, I wrote about this other day. I tell that, Chris, you did every year in the NFC. There's a different team kind of out of nowhere. The the falcons the eagles the Rams last year. We're kind of a known quantity every year. There seems to be the Panthers fifteen out of nowhere team comes up in the Cowboys last year. Obviously were in the playoffs. We have not had a repeat winner in the NFC since two thousand four. Got to break that obviously, I think to get back to where the want to go. But you added Randall Cobb great second way, fringe. She signing. Amari Cooper win. Travis Frederick, being back at center is a huge plus for them. How so last year, they had a problem the first eight weeks of the year, it really when they're off its coaches fired a health. They just were not idea who they were to so many mental mistakes of not just knowing who they were working to it was mind blowing, and that can make you you're young quarterback. Look, totally confused hand. Just blows up your run game everything. Right. Frederick is back there health offense align now and DeMarcus Lawrence Crawford. They have a great linebackers. They have a good back end their secondary. The giants aren't that strong. He was going to be good. The Redskins aren't that strong in my opinion. I think the Cowboys I if that can take the next step, which will see what the weapons he has. I didn't they're going to do you put a three in front of an eight figure annual salary for deck Prescott Jeff Schwartz man, because that's, that's that. That's what the market. I know. I know. His tough. I do not. I think that is not elite but the Cowboys are stuck. I mean you have to pay him and just hope you surround him with parts that help him is not elite though because he hasn't dominated like Patrick Mahomes. Did he enter to that? We you know what I'm saying? We are reviewing him through the prism of other people. Other people's quarterbacks have been doing this. We've seen when his when his weapons have been limited. He has not been able to raise his play above those weapons, where other people have been able to do that is. That's why this year with Cobb there and Cooper, a hope in this offense with Kelham more. They're more aggressive. I wanna see I wanted to offensive coordinator seems like what thirty it's wild. I hope they're more aggressive. I wanna see different offense Dallas before I completely make my judgment on that Prescott telling you I told brought this division, and you wrote about this Jeff. Schwarzen- SP. I don't know what their what their number is in Vegas, but I like them a lot, by the way, you got a gambling brother in arms over there. I haven't I haven't looked at the future for that. I mean did you who did you have like individual points in a game that you were complaining about him? Yeah. He had. He had twenty two points, entering the fourth quarter, twenty three and a half. He didn't make a single buck quarter. We wonder happened now we know and then last night over twenty three and a half again. It would Twenty-three miss five thousand cuts as long. I'm not gamble. Jeff, I'm not allowed to, I would suggest you just get off the CJ McCollum bandwagon. Plus you tonight he's do I steal that tonight. I've been pretty hot and it's a three. No yesterday. It was awesome curry over. I had raptors first quarter. First half and bucks third quarter what he got tonight for all of our tonight. I feel like it's an in game. Wagering night. I don't like anything right now under love live betting maybe under is played before the game. Yeah. What do you think that the warriors go under a lot without Kevin Durant? Okay. And the blazers Dan Lewis injury, just haven't been scoring as much. I think he'll be tight tonight. The question is, do they come out in the first quarter and go really hard kinda tempted to say that warriors come out fast in this game to just put an end to the series in my gosh? We'll see we have we have we have eight hours to decide what, what do you think your Lakers, down the street dumpster fire? I don't think it's going to be genie sales team. She's not on the team. She. No, she shouldn't the team five billion dollars. They can go ahead. They hired. That's why probably any general manager. They wanted to come in fix this just don't want to do it. She wants to stay in house, and the Rams his help, what are the Rams is no about about basketball. The basketball side of this thing like actually like player development, and that type of stuff and drafting also LeBron was supposed to bring in another player and that has not happened yet. Well, let's see July one big July, July one is a huge. Yes. Huge week. They fail. The goods lifted for the warriors, the Knicks the Lakers, the nets the Celtics elegant just off the top of my head. The pelicans Sixers. Just off the top of my head. I just named those teams raptors to the clippers clippers might get or have the leader team the Lakers because p players don't wanna play for the Lakers. Have the clippers have two aces in the home three. They've got the owner coach and Jerry West can walk in the room. The owner can basically say I am not, but I am rich I love my team and this all I care about okay? And Doc Rivers can say look what I did last year. But only who call Doc Rivers, the coach of the year candidate in December credit right? And he's one of the three finalists, I gave you. Okay. And Jerry West can basically say just look, by the way, you see the logo right there. That's me. That's me. And he you know what I do with the Lakers. You see what I did with my, I got handed a bunch of lemons from the lemonade of top overall pick and a draft lottery fourth overall I chose Mike Conley? Guess what? I did with the warriors. You see that you see that up there who's the one whispered to Durant? Should come here. Jerry agreed saying okay, so espionage is how everyone what, what else can we Jeff Schwartz? I have a website that's gonna be ready soon Schwartz. NFL dot com. It's getting that's going to be my go-to says thing, my Twitter handle go, there, be should should be soon. We can have because we s how you spell okay? Jeff schwartz. Your, thanks for letting me know you're in town. I'll have you on anytime. Jeff schwartz. Here on the rich Eisen show. Still to come Joe manganiello, we'll talk some thrones with one of the most die-hard Steeler fans. We know as well. He's making his way to the studio to just do exactly that, that's coming up here in the rich Eisen show. Eight four four two four riches. Also the number two old stat..

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