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He is the twentieth head coach in the history of the jets but more importantly their foreign the last eight years because they've been pretty horrifying Sala niners are going to have to do some more replacing because They're passing game coordinator. Michael la fleur unite. His brother is the head coach of the packers matt. Michael floor is rumored to be the offensive coordinator for robert sala. A guy that he obviously knows very well from his time in the four zero eight and there's also some significance There because there were some people who had said. What would sam darnold look like if kyle shanahan was his head coach and he played in that type of system. Well what do you think. Michael floors gonna run. I'm gonna go ahead and venture to say it's going to look a lot like what kyle shanahan was doing. So that would mean that They're going to hold onto darnold. Well we don't know just yet the jets hold a number two overall pick We know that. Richard sherman has been a very vocal supporter of solid. Getting a head. Coaching job tweeted out his. Congratulations as well sherman. By the way as a free agent. Who's to say that robert sola might bring him over to the meadowlands. Well google. What have you got planned for today. Come on this. Adventure can be found anywhere but the best place to start is in the forest. The most powerful magic there is at outside discovering credible animals slough and beautiful flats that come together to create an unforgettable adventure so grab your loved ones and explorer mood of possibilities visit discovertheforest dot org to find the closest forest park to you brought to you by the ad council and the us forest service. My teacher said that we should have a plan. In case of an emergency. Do we have one. First thing i'm gonna do is grab a flashlight with dead batteries. I'm going to start randomly throwing clothes in the bag. You two will be hiding in the closet. And dad won't be able to find you. And that's when we both start crying uncontrollably. Can you pass the cutlets. Winging it is not an emergency plan make sure your kids know what to do during an emergency who to call where to meet what to pack. Search ready kids at nyc dot gov or call three one brought to you by the new york city office of emergency management and the ad council. Hi i'm bobby with today's carbonic minute. It can't transform a sows ear into a silk purse but designers can convert mules into automotive thoroughbreds. The question is can the mules keep pace with technology. The answer i come back when your battery goes dead everything could come to a stop. Don't take a chance on getting stranded. Stop by o. Reilly auto parts and get your battery tested free of charge. If your battery does need to be replaced o. Reilly auto parts can help you find.

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